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**Update*** 49ers sign Seneca Wallace

Originally posted by jreff22:


All black Quarterbacks FTW!!!
Originally posted by Eli_23:

All black Quarterbacks FTW!!!

Trade Kap for Russel Wilson. Then we can have all black, under 6'0" Quarterbacks!!!
ugh. no thanks.
I think it's interesting and nothing would surprise me at tis point.
Originally posted by seahawkblueforever:
Wallace ? Seriously ?

hey, unless yall will cut Tavaris Jackson for us...butt out, we have f'n Dolt McCoy at backup right now.

edit- and no we don't want Charlie WhiteJesus either.
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instead of kicking tires, kick him in the teeth and send his dumb a$$ back to Seattle where he belongs
Originally posted by mayo49:
I say pass. which Wallace replies, "I don't know how to."
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Seneca Wallace was the Seahawks QB when Gire had that 212 yard game

so your saying Gire will have over 200yrds rushing with Wallace present....well then...sigh hiiiiimmmm....
I would be alright with Wallace coming here for these reasons. 1. I am not liking what i am seeing from McCoy and Tolzien so far. 2. If Kaepernick were to get hurt i think the offense would have to be altered some to fit McCoy and Tolizien McCoy is pretty mobile but Tolzien isn't Wallace could run more of Kaepernick's offense with his mobility. 3. Even though he last played there in 2009 he might be able to give us some insight on Seattle. 4. Hes from the the Sacramento area i'm sure he would love to play here and be an asset to the team.
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Keep kicking him...all the way to the curb. SKIP!
Let's trade McCoy for our old backup back from KC ... he was okay as a backup.

I'd say them looking at Wallace is not good news for Daniels.
Originally posted by Eli_23:

All black Quarterbacks FTW!!!
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seneca's probably done. he didn't even play last year; there's a reason for not being on any reg-season roster.

old horse syndrome
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Originally posted by valrod33:
Good, get rid of McCoy he sucks