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Crabtree, Boldin, Baldwin for the playoffs

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Just a random note about Baldwin: he's had some of the worst offensive minds as head coaches the NFL or college football has ever seen. The Wanstache was a disaster at Pitt, and Romeo Crenel should be in contention for worst head coach in NFL history.

He's now going to have 2 of the best offensive minds in football working with him in Roman & Harbaugh. :)

Also, he's had Matt Cassell throwing to him (and Alex Smith for the preseason, and he's not very good at getting the ball to anyone who isn't a RB or TE).

EXACTLY. Imagine what our big WR will do for gore.. Baldin, Baldwin and VD blocking

hmmm...maybe that's another reason why they got rid of AJ, cause he can't block nothing in the run game.
Yeah, I think the coaches saw that too. If you can't catch, get off the line, or even run block. What good are you? AJ showed them absolutely nothing. If he would of showed a little improvement, they would of tried to work with him. You can't coach heart, determination, and desire to be great. He had none of those qualities. Time to move on.
Who's this Baldwin guy?
I wonder if we can give him back to KC.
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