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Kaep's Lack of Snaps

Is anyone else concerned with Kaeps lack of in game snaps this preseason? I sure am. I know we've all read the camp reports of how great he's looked, but I think he could use some more play time. I understand that our lack of a true #2 QB has something to do with this, but I am a little worried he might show rust. Not rust with his legs, but with his arm. He needs this work especially since we may be switching out our WR's quite a bit this season with the injuries. I feel he needs at minimum 2 full quarters of work this Sunday. Thoughts?
Not concerned... what I'm concerned about is the lack of ability of our #2s, hence the serious playing time for our backups. The McCoy v. Tolzien v. Daniels battle is what concerns me.
I'm not worried at all, keep him healthy and rested along with all the other starters, peak in December/January when it matters most. Assuming the team doesn't completely fail early, it's not how they start, it's how they finish. Offensively, it's like the 49ers are already doomed to get off to a slow start this season as chemistry develops between CK and the various WRs he's been working with.
Obviously, Harbaugh is weighing risk of injury vs "readying time" for the season. He feels comfy with his playing time. Why would you question this?
He will most likely play more Sunday than the prior two games. Also his first game in Chicago, he didn't get any playing time prior to.
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A little concerned, but he'll be fine.
hasn't Kap looked extremely sharp through camp...Yeah so he's thrown 6 passes all preseason...he also came into the Bears game last year getting the nod the day before the game. He's not just a different breed, he's a different species. Most (if not all) the conventional wisdom just seems to not apply to this guy.
We shoulda traded Jenkins for Alex so we can have a quality backup again.
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Kaep thread.
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