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Your Worst Niner Draft Pick Of All Time

Your Worst Niner Draft Pick Of All Time

Balmer by far, what a clown he was.
Dang that is A LOT OF 1st ROUND Misses. Who the Heck was pulling the trigger on all those selections? Vinny Cerrato,John McVay, Walsh, Donahue, Nolan? That is a ton of 1st round misses. The One 1st rounder that's the biggest bust is Druckenmiller, he shoulda never been picked ahead of Jake the Snake Plummer.
That whole list is the Hall of Shame.

IMO, Druckenmiller
Mike Rumph, Shawntee Spencer, RW McQuarters.
A.J. Jenkins - I don't care about compensation. The fact that you picked a guy to play WR, a position of need, and he was removed from the team 1.25 years later is the truest definition of BUST.

Outside of Gio Carmazzi, a 3rd round pick, everyone else listed in this poll registered on the stat line. McGrew at least had a sack, Drunkenmiller at least had a TD throw, etc.

And Carmazzi was drafted around the same time Jeff Garica emerged as our starting QB. Jenkins couldn't even beat street FAs on the depth chart, even with injuries to Crabtree, Manningham, and Williams.

It's A.J. Jenkins, and Harbukake should be embarrassed at the pick.
Originally posted by Raul98:
Easily Alex Smith was because he was a #1 pick overall and produced very little his whole career until Harbaugh coached him. He was bad for many years he even almost started a riot on a sunday night game at the stick against Philly. And the most important fact is they could have and should have drafted Aaron Rodgers a local guy and way better QB. Who Mike Mccarthy OC at the time wanted Rodgers over Smith to run his offense. If they draft Rodgers i think he beats the Giants and Patriots in 2011 and beats the Ravens in 2012 we would be at 7-0 in the superbowl right now. Smith is average Quarterback at best a truly wasted number 1 pick overall talent.

This also is so true. I remember in that 2005 Draft, I wanted Aaron rogers so bad at #1. And When the pick came in, I literally had lost hope. Dark time for me from 2005 til around 2008.
Originally posted by NJNiner:
Mike Rumph, Shawntee Spencer, RW McQuarters.

Shawntae Spencer?!!? really!?
For sure Jenkins. A first round receiver and during his career for the team has 1 target and 1 drop and couldnt beat out a bunch of nobody receivers for a spot on the team even after multiple receivers were hurt. Not sure how you could pick anyone else based on that.
When your season totals are 0 catches and 1 drop, the only way it gets worse is what, 0 catches 2 drops?

The answer is AJ Jenkins.
Taylor Mays didn't get a chance to preform because Trent Baalks**t....was an idiot.
Originally posted by GoGetit:
Taylor Mays didn't get a chance to preform because Trent Baalks**t....was an idiot.

true, I really liked this pick when it was made, IDK why they gave up on him so so quickly? He coulda been a hell of a player for the 9ers. So what if he lacked a little in coverage, he coulda learned aftter a couple years, he sure could hit and play special teams and nickel LB for a big safety. I regret them giving up so easy on him
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balmer is close but i really have to pick the drunk.. however jenkins never caught one pass. actually stokes was the best of a bad bunch, at least he caught 63 balls one year, of course he also had young and some good guys lining up with him
Originally posted by socalniner:
Alex Smith IMO
Originally posted by socalniner:
Alex Smith IMO

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