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The "We can't think of a good name for the Jon Baldwin thread" thread

Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Has anyone confirmed this?

Is confirmed :
Originally posted by boast:
i like Baldwin's size. far more upside than AJJ.

Size queen.
And now for some Jonathan Baldwin highlights...
Jenkins was a bum. I'm just glad Baalke swallowed his pride and cut his losses.
At least he has caught a pass in the NFL.
I was worried about AJ early on. When he talked about running the hill with Rice, but never actually found the time to do it, I became concerned about his drive.
Originally posted by 49erCanuck:
Gotta give Baalke credit for not being stubborn and sticking with a mistake. Yes, AJ was a bad pick. But at least they aren't compounding that mistake by keeping him on the roster and letting a better player go. Baldwin has been garbage in KC so far. But at 6'4" and 230 pounds that's a physical makeup you can work with over the next two games to see if he can stick.
Anyone know if Baldwin has any special teams value?

Yes, I have to tip my hat at Baalke for pulling the trigger.
if he can't catch before, how is he suppose to catch a Kap bullet??
combine scouting report:

6'4", 230lbs

42" vertical

4.5 40 yd dash

129" broad jump

Baldwin is giant wide receiver that has the potential to develop into a starter at the next level. He is a speed builder that can get behind defensive backs and he quickly finds the ball in the air. He is a weapon over the middle, as he has strong reliable hands and the body control to make acrobatic catches in traffic. He is dangerous after the catch as he can run away from linebackers and over defensive backs. Baldwin has to refine his route running skills, but he could sneak into the first round due to his freakish measurables.

STRENGTHS Baldwin is a huge receiver with deceptive speed. Long strider that can stretch the field and shows the ability to consistently track the ball in the air. Possesses excellent hands and high points the ball very well. Strong runner after the catch that breaks arm tackles and flashes a vicious stiff arm. Fearless over the middle.

Sloppy route runner that struggles to separate from quicker defensive backs. Takes too many false steps in transition and does not always find soft spots in zone coverage. Does not have enough wiggle to make defenders miss in the open field. Not exactly a willing run blocker and will occasionally take plays off.
Originally posted by Ballistic:
good riddance

LMAO. Antonio Banderas matched my reaction exactly.
Austin Collie being fitted for his #17 jersey as we ...
Boldin will mentor this kid, just watch and see, Jenkins was a bum pick that nobody liked at the time, and the concensus (sp.?) is we were mostly right. Balwin duz have the raw materials to work with, its all mental for him now. Needs a change and a boost, and he will pan out better than Jenkins could have here.. Now Jenks will be good for Chiefs too. I think both sides will be happy by end of year