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The "We can't think of a good name for the Jon Baldwin thread" thread

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i like Baldwin's size. far more upside than AJJ.
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Man, that happened fast.
So lets ask a new question shall we?

Should a player who only has 2ish weeks in the system get a spot over somebody who knows the system and has worked for it?
LOL garbage in garbage out
Originally posted by stunder49:
we traded aj Jenkins for aj Jenkins clone?

not exactly... Baldwin almost 6 '5'
One can get open but can't catch
the other can't get open or catch
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Thank christ! Remedying the situation of drafting such a small player when it was clear that we needed a bigger physical player to compete in our division. Baldwin is still improving as well, he will be a dependable player very soon.
What if AJ turns into a stud WR lol
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Has anyone confirmed this?

The Herd just reported on ESPN radio (1216 EST.) I hope they can develop this guy and get something out of him.
Delaney Walker hands lol
Originally posted by stunder49:
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Has anyone confirmed this?

matt maiocco has as well. Looks like a "here try this" trade. Both guys need a fresh start to see if it will work. Neither can beat a press from what I can read and Baldwin has questionable hands. Jenkins was just soft. We'll see I guess. At least we didn't cut Jenkins.
Originally posted by Hayes4Dayes:
Wow, guess they really didn't believe in A.J.


I don't think they had a choice, the writing was just all over the wall.
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Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet

When I went to #Chiefs camp last year, Jonathan Baldwin looked like the best player on the field. Never translated to games. Will it in SF?
Originally posted by boast:
i like Baldwin's size. far more upside than AJJ.
This, but his hands.......?
Originally posted by socalfan21:
I absolutely love this deal. Baldwin has so much upside and needed a change of scenery.

SPOT F.....N ON !!!,, I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS LAST WEEK, but thought that it was too late in the pre-season to make a deal. I think BOTH players will benefit from a change of !
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Baldwin will be at the jugs machine all day every day until the season starts.

Andy Reid right after the game lol...

Baldwin has caught just 41 passes over his first two seasons and hopes that he would turn things around with a new coaching staff haven't amounted to much at this point. Baldwin still looks the part of a pro receiver, but he hasn't shown any more of an ability to turn his athletic ability into productive plays for the Chiefs offense. Baldwin had a terrible drop against the 49ers last week and coach Andy Reid made it clear that Baldwin has to stop doing that.

"We gave him the opportunity this week and you have to catch the football," Reid said, via Bill Williamson of "That's how it works, and he knows that and I know that. When we give you an opportunity, you have to make sure you take advantage of the opportunity. … He needs to keep playing, and [when] given the opportunity, he needs to take advantage of it."

There's nothing particularly scathing about that assessment. It's just an honest description of what wide receivers have to do if they want to continue working in the NFL, as is offensive coordinator Doug Pederson's lament that "you don't know what you will get out of" Baldwin when you throw the ball to him.

Kansas City doesn't have so much talent at wide receiver that writing off Baldwin would be no big deal. The team would really benefit if he could step up his game, but the rope won't be endless for a player who hasn't shown much at all to this point in his career.