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The "We can't think of a good name for the Jon Baldwin thread" thread

Originally posted by dmax:
Yes we have another weapon, I think a change of scenery is what was needed
Not gunna get to high on this guy until he shows something.
Originally posted by toppdogg32:
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Oh sh*t! I think I called this... before we played the Chiefs

Posted, 'Trade him to the Chiefs' in one of his thread ...Now look happened

Me too..But I thought it was too late in the game to do it..Glad to see it happen.

Yeah, I wasn't too serious about the possibility and didn't think it would happen.
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Originally posted by threelittlebirds:
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
I think this is too early to give up on Jenkins, but I realized too, we are in need of someone to step up. Jenkins just isn't doing it right now.

I agree, but this is one of those cases where I defer to Harbaugh, his staff, and Baalke. They have been right more often than wrong, and since they are around Jenkins all day they know his true personality and how he carries himself during practices and in the facilities. It seems like the kid has decent speed and ability, but no motivation or determination to be great. Maybe being traded will snap him back into reality and he'll work harder and succeed, but it doesn't seem like it would have happened any time soon with the 49ers.

I think you are right on this, I think it was Jenkins' mentality that let him down especially around Harbaugh. I'm disappointed but not if that makes sense, I think Harbaugh wants hard working and physical receivers with good run blocking and AJJ didn't fit that role.

I think he's also coasted in camp and that was probably the nail in his coffin as far as Harbaugh was concerned.
I just hope this guys really physical because thats what were gunna need in this division.
I find it interesting that this happens a day after Patton was cleared to catch passes.
Originally posted by Seansf49:
So what they're saying is Baldwin is our new TO?

Yes, that's exactly what everyone is saying. Baldwin is our new TO! 19-0! Welcome to the New Age! Dynasty, REV 2.0!
Wow I really like this guys size! He looks huge
This trade did kinda s**t on the theory of once harbaugh stops talking about you your done lol
Originally posted by leakyfausett:
I find it interesting that this happens a day after Patton was cleared to catch passes.

Patton has nothing to worry about. He's on the team.
Originally posted by kush:

Now show the recent 'doink' drop in preseason against us. Gotta be Smith's fault it hit him in the hands
Originally posted by toppdogg32:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Should of drafted Stephen Hill


Hill was the guy I wanted, but he hasn't exactly done much and it doesn't look like he will.
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Originally posted by dj43:
I got distracted in my prior post about the Seattle matchup and the need for size:

Against KC last Friday night, we saw a preview of what it would look for Jenkins to go against the Seattle CBs when he was matched against Sean Smith. Smith mauled Jenkins like a rag doll in press coverage. Jenkins had NO CHANCE against Smith. To put Jenkins against any of the Seattle secondary would be a mismatch before the ball was even snapped. At least with Baldwin we now have a guy who can compete with the size of the Seahawk secondary.

I only wish I had more confidence in the quality of coaching the WRs are getting. I can't believe we have gone through so many WRs in the recent past and none of them other than Crabtree have shown anything more than mediocrity.

Good points. Especially about the coaching.

While it's better to get something than nothing for Jenkins, I have my doubts about Baldwin. Its far easier to judge a bust after 2 years than it is after only one.

Obviously the Chiefs figured that Baldwin was a bust (and he probably is). I just hope he doesn't steal a roster spot from another more talented WR while the Niners evaluate what they have with him.

Jenkins OTOH is a notoriously slow developer and he may amount to something after another year of seasoning. But he did show a surprising lack of aggression; something I was shocked to witness, actually. Sorry it didn't work out, but he's not the Niners problem now.
Hi Homers.

I thought zoner's didn't know s**t! lol
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Now show the recent 'doink' drop in preseason against us. Gotta be Smith's fault it hit him in the hands

Actually I think it went through his hands and hit him right between the numbers.
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