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The "We can't think of a good name for the Jon Baldwin thread" thread

Should of drafted Stephen Hill
49ers unload 2 years of guaranteed salary for only 1 year with Baldwin guaranteed.

The Chiefs will take on cap charges of $705,797, $1,021,594, and $1,337,390 from 2013 thru 2015, the first two years of which are fully guaranteed.

Baldwin had a fully guaranteed salary of $1,061,510 that now transfers to the 49'ers.

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Just watching him out there. Dude had no confidence and just kindda went through the motions.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Should of drafted Stephen Hill

that's who i wanted.. Or Randall
Originally posted by LoneWolf:
Meh give the fans another whipping boy.

I doubt Baldwin gets whipped ... he wasn't a 49ers first round pick. At this point we are mostly relieved.
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Bust exchange: SF/KC flip Jenkins & Baldwin

49ers acquired WR Jon Baldwin from the Chiefs in exchange for WR A.J. Jenkins.

A knucklehead on and off the field in K.C., Baldwin has just 41 catches for 579 yards (14.1 YPR) and two touchdowns through two NFL seasons. He's already dropped three passes in the preseason, and Baldwin's proneness to drops has often been the result of his attempts to one-hand catches for inexplicable reasons. He just turned 24, however, and talent has never been the factor holding Baldwin back.

The trade looks better at surface level for the 49ers. While Jenkins is a frail wideout who noticeably shies from contact, Baldwin at least has a chance to be rehabbed if he buys into Jim Harbaugh's program. Harbaugh has a pretty good track record of turning past disappointments into players. (E.g. Ahmad Brooks, Michael Crabtree, Alex Smith, Carlos Rogers, etc.)
Well we got the better end of the Sammy Davis and Rashaun Woods trade, hopefully we do it again
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Should of drafted Stephen Hill

Makes me wonder even more why they didn't take Stephen Hill instead of Jenkins.

Last years WR upgrade of Moss, Manningham, and Jenkins sure didn't help.
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I like the deal.

I don't have to say that Jenkins had done nothing, had shown nothing, in his time here. He was clearly a HUGE mistake by Baalke. From that perspective, anything would be better than what we had.

I like Baldwin's size. Also, he has at least shown that he can play a little in this league. After all, he has caught 40+ passes while playing in the worst QB situation in the league over the past two seasons. He is a guy with all the physical tools, that may well just need a change in scenery to get him playing to his potential.

The 49ers have needed a receiver of his size every since Terrell Owens left. Now, with Crabtree out of action, other than Boldin, they are left with a bunch of smurfs running among giants (Seattle). Before a team can go to the Super Bowl, they have to win their division. Seattle is tough enough to beat in their house but with guys like Chad Hall trying to go against Richard Sherman and his friends up there, you could just about forget even considering having a passing game against those guys. Baldwin could now present a size matchup that could be a big help. I see this move as a match up trade by Baalke to try to level the playing field against the Seahawks.
"Baldwin has just 41 catches for 579 yards" ... literally, mathematically, infinitely better than Jenkins.
Originally posted by Jcool:
Baldwin is a big, physically imposing receiver who has the ideal body for a wide receiver. For whatever reason, he was just never able to put it together in Kansas City. You can blame the quarterbacks but Dwayne Bowe was able to succeed with those same quarterbacks. Baldwin struggled with getting off the line in press coverage and never seemed comfortable in Kansas City. He drops easy passes while makes incredibly athletic receptions, and that's just it: He's inconsistent. If the light bulb can go on, Baldwin's physical presence could leave 49ers fans hopeful. But in two years in Kansas City, we never saw that.

The 49ers had a receiver like this once, remember? In a playoff game against Green Bay, he dropped ball after ball. It was maddening. Easy catches, hard catches, he dropped them all. And then, all of a sudden, the light went on. And he made the second greatest catch in team history to beat the Packers.

T.O. ALWAYS had a problem holding onto the ball. But he held on to just enough of them to make him a star.
going from the s**ttiest team in the NFL to a superbowl contender HAS to motivate anyone. Dude will arrive with a new attitude fo sho!
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Should of drafted Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill sucks too. He's been dropping passes left and right this preseason.
I for one am just happy not to have to spend another waking moment thinking about freaking AJ Jenkins. Bye, bye bust!!!!