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Question about Dixon and Asomugha

They both should be suspended for the whole season...The league and the 9ers shouldn't put up with that crap
I doubt either of these players are on the field at the same time so it does not matter.
probably whoever makes less money will have to give up their number in the reg season....
Originally posted by sanjo49er:
better question is who will keep #24...DIX is going to make the team but what if As(housesmazzilli),,,,Makes the 53???

Depends on how much Awesomewah wants to pay him.
Originally posted by 9ersnation:
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
And this is why we eventually need a cap on retired numbers or bring old numbers out of retirement.

I believe you can only retire a certain amount of jersey numbers. Thought I remember hearing the Bears can't retire anymore numbers

I actually remember Tagliabu (former commish) saying that conceivably a cap would need to be put on only if a team literally retired so many #'s they didn't have 53 for the actual roster left. So think about it from 1-99 you would have to retire literally 46 #'s to run out.
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