1. Haralson - when playing against the 2nd unit he's shown that he doesn't belong. He's hands down the best player on that field, and is showing that he is a starter-quality player. Very excited about him this year.
  2. Corey Lemonier - Much like Haralson he's playing like he doesn't belong with the back-ups. Looks big and long out there. The OLB depth is outrageous on this squad.
  3. Dan Skuta - Not surprising that on a defense that has allowed nothing to anyone, yet another OLB stands out. Solid play so far.
  4. Michael Wilhoite - He's made plays all over, including in coverage against a 1st team unit. Stands out constantly. 57 is in on every play
  5. Nick Moody - He's done some nice things and looks like a LB -- which is important since he's transitioning from safety this year.
  6. Ian Williams - Most of his impression came in the first week. What's impressive about him this week is that the team feels comfortable enough with him as the starter that they didn't even test him in the 2nd pre-season game. Wouldn't be shocked if Baalke scratched off long-term NT from the list of team needs.
  7. Cox - punt returns, CB play, blitz off the edge, this kid has done it all. Has contested passes all pre-season long. With his return ability, Cox has all but secured a spot on the team -- and likely on the weekly active roster.
  8. CBs in general - Nnamdi and Brock both look good. Morris, while not getting a ton of play time has been impressive in training camp from all reports.While this may be the teams weakest starting position, it's a fairly deep group. We don't have 2 elite CBs, but I'm not sure many teams are better at CB #4 and 5. This group is deep, and Nnamdi is quite an interesting wild card. If we see Nnamdi of 3 years ago, without major injuries, it may be a sparse occurrence to score on this niner defense.
  9. Eric Reid - He's a big kid, and he looks like it. Reid fits the culture. He hits, he tackles, and he seems like a smart player. I don't see a guy with 7 ints/year and several returned for a TD, but I do see solid S play, smart S play, and the type of physicality that the SF base has become accustomed to from the S position.
  10. The draft class in general - Everyone has shown up well. Reid has made some nice plays, McDonald was very impressive last week, Moody has transitioned well to LB, Lemonier jumps off the tape consistently, and Daniels even showed up when given an opportunity. The only guys that are not yet contributing are all out with injuries, but they're the ones i'm most excited about. Can't wait to see what tank and dial and QP and Lattimore can do. Even the un-drafted kids are very exciting (Morris, Jacobs, Gray, Purcell, etc.)