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View from the cheap seats ...the good, the bad , and the ugly (KC vsSF)

The ugly:
KO return near start of game....and this is our improved STs....sheesh
Illegal 6 men on LOS for punt, Coach H saw it and called a time out...but we still blew a T.O.
good punt coverage on punt at 5 yd line, wiped out because Walker OOB
Cox and Dahl give up 1st down pass play

Blitz of Colt as OG misses a block...what?
Tolz fumbles snap on Goal line....he's not ready for the big time
Tolz throws laser to ILB ...who thankfully drops it
Colt missed Celek for 10yds
OC calls awful
KC punted to 5 yd line 3 times...good grief

colt INT
AJ nice 15 yd completion, but called back due to penalty....this is coaching?
Cox and Dahl give up 1st down pass

The good
Bj throws nice completions to Collie, Hawkins twice, Jacobs, and again for TD.
Cox defended several passes well.
Cox nice corner blitz for 10 yd sack
BJ looks like he belongs
2 nice runs by hampton

Gores 60 yd run early
2 nice runs by Colt for 1st downs when nobody open
Nice zero blitz by us , never picked up
BJ looked really good
Andy twice kicked 60 yarders with additional 15 yd penalties in addition
Cox blitz sack on alex
STupak nice sack
parys nice punt block

Summary: KC played 1st string all first half and couldn't beat our 2nd and 3rd strings, either O or D.

BJ suprised everybody,

Our STs are , well, awful

We look like a team in preseaason. Our problem is we need to identify 53 guys to make team, but we also need 1st string to play together. Same for D and O. It is a problem, but a good one. We are loaded with talent, O and D, but I don't think we can identify who stays and who goes..

Alex looked good on a team of losers.

AJs status has now been decided....we don't know what he can do ,,,or not.

Good luck to JH and Trent figuring out who to keep. This game just highlighted players i thot already were cut. Ouch..
I thought Looney played Butt-ugly.

Dawson played as advertised - end zone KO and over 50yard FG

BJ really stepped up - he's a keeper

Cox impressed as did Wilhoite

ST needs LOTS of work
ST needs LOTS of work

Mostly stopping the kick-off and punt returns. Question I have is it a scheme issue? Or is it a player issue? Or Both?
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Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
ST needs LOTS of work

Mostly stopping the kick-off and punt returns. Question I have is it a scheme issue? Or is it a player issue? Or Both?

On that last punt return it was completely left open on the left side. There was nobody in the area. That seems like it's awful scheming to me.
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Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
ST needs LOTS of work

Mostly stopping the kick-off and punt returns. Question I have is it a scheme issue? Or is it a player issue? Or Both?

Or a 3rd question no one has raised is if it's a coaching issue. Is the ST coach really as good as his reputation preceding him? Coaches are known to start "losing a step" or have "diminishing skills" in their own way. The Chiefs' ST coach was better than ours last night.
Well, for what it's worth, we have gunners who sail by the PR or KR at about , oh, 96 mph. That's great if he has a dead eye bead on the ball carrier. But it would seemingly be one helluva lot smarter to get down there fast and then instead of going 90 mph, approach the ball carrier in a more circumspect fashion, ie somewhat slower once there. We proved we can get guys downfield blitzkrieg fast. But that isn't the object. Object is to tackle the ballcarrier. That seems like a simple thing to coach, yet that is definitely not what ST coach is doing at present. Why ST coach thinks it is a good idea to sail by the Ballcarrier at the speed of light, instead of getting down there, and honing in on him, but more precisely... is beyond me. Then once the gunners have blown by , the ball carrier now has 11 men on 9 of ours. And that is where some of this ST bullschidt is coming from. Yes, it IS coaching, and not very good scheming or coaching or whatever you wish to call it. It should be easy to fix, but for some reason, JH didn't fix it last yr and this yr we are doing the same mistakes , just at a faster speed. Wow, talk about dumb.... somebody, somewhere, somehow needs to fix this amazing fuster cluck. STs are starting to remind me of Sloppy Teams or Silly Teams, or.....

Last observation is a repeat of above. We are playing 2nd and 3rd string guys to find who stays and who goes. Meanwhile, it would be nice to see how O and D starters perform as we got what seems like 70 guys vying for 53 slots. And they DO need to show us what they have. Well, a guy who was out of it, BJ, plays lites out. AJ, who we really need to know more about could have been targeted about 10 times, but he wasn't. The D play has been instructive in that Wilhoite has played very well. Reid, showed some nice tackles, Dahl played hot and cold, Cox looked very good. Chad Hall, catches it if in the area. I can't say much about Moore, patton, lockette, AJ, because they didn't get the plays, or passes I thot they would.. Maybe Coach H is making WR cuts from camp performance, which makes me wonder what is a PS game for if you aren't trying out your contenders. Coach knows best, so I will leave it at that.
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