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49ers You'll Be Watching Most Closely in Week 2 of the Pre-Season

Jenkins, Lemonier, Reid, McDonald

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A.J. Jenkins (seems like the whole world will be watching)
Ian Williams (Very impressive debut, would love a repeat to eliminate my concerns)
LaMichael James (I have confidence that K. Hunter will be fine so I wanna be sure LMJ can hold it down if Kendall isn't up to speed yet)
Eric Reid (High hopes for that young man)
Marlon Moore (Enjoyed his interview and impressed with what I've seen so far)
Ricardo Lockette (I realize that if he and the above mentioned WRs have good outings, it clouds the WR2 picture but I don't care, I wanna see the Rocket take off)
AJ, Marlon Moore, Cox, Lemonier and Reid
Jenkins b***h ass
I'm going to enjoy seeing how every player plays. I hope to see the first string offense execute crisply like they did in the first pre-season game. I'd like to see Michael Wilhoite show that he can read and fill gaps quickly on running plays and, perhaps more importantly, can he drop back effectively in coverage on passing plays. It would be reassuring to know that there is a pretty competent backup to the two All Pro middle linebackers.
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