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49ers You'll Be Watching Most Closely in Week 2 of the Pre-Season

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AJ Jenkins
2nd Oline battle
K. Hunter(not sure if playing)
Back up QB
Ricardo Lockette
Kendall Hunter
AJ Jenkins
Corey Lemonier
Eric Reid
BJ Daniels
marlon moore - im really high on this kid right now and I think he takes the #2 WR spot

nnamdi asomugha - this guy, man, this guy. he could really help out our secondary and it looks like he's got it back. His groove, like stella
A lot of names, I know, but I'm anxious to see these guys play:

AJ Jenkins
Marlon Moore
Austin Collie
Eric Reid
Tramaine Brock
Nick Moody
Corey Lemonier
Ian Williams
Glenn Dorsey
Carter Bykowski
Joe Looney
BJ Daniels
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ill be watching 38 Morris, 5 Daniels, 6 Collie, 17 Jenkins, 4 Hawkins, 45 Schepler, 67 Kilgore, 19 Moore, 78 Okoye, 54 Moody, 36 Thomas closely...FB Schepler made some big blocks last game..impressed me an no one is talking about him..he's one of sleepers to atleast put on the practice squad. Thomas impressed me too last game. Anxious to see Daniels at quarterback.
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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
i will count how many times AS will run diagonally backwards trying to avoid sacks then throw at some ones feet

If he thinks he can back peddle faster than Aldon Smith can sprint, he'll be in for a rough outing.
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CK -- Always interesting to see how a road quarterback performs in KC, albeit preseason.
Kyle Williams -- Want to see him play, see how he looks as our number two receiver and perhaps kickoff returner after the injury.
Hunter -- Would be nice to see what he looks like after the injury.
Ian Williams -- Can't wait to see more of him.
AJ Jenkins -- Hoping to see something, just like everybody else.
Reid -- Let's see him on the road when it is quiet on defense.
Lemonier -- I want to see him continue where he left off from.
Tolzien -- Would love to see what he can do with a little bit of time to throw.
Dorsey -- Interesting to see Dorsey against his old team.
Bykowski -- I like his potential. I would like to see him play earlier in the game. He couldn't be worse than what we have had so far.
Asomugha -- Want to see him make some plays.
LMJ -- Want to see him more on punt returns.
Boldin -- Want to see him continue to put on a clinic.
Okoye -- Everybody likes to see the circus strong man act.
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Hunter (if he's playing)

and the WR's
Dear AJ,

Stop sucking and do what you do.

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Originally posted by ninerjok:
Uh... Jenkins? Like to see how Gray does with Big Mac out. You mentioned Hunter but I don't think he plays this week.

Vance McDonald will not be playing.

Originally posted by NickSh49:
Dear AJ,

Stop sucking and do what you do.


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I would like to see Reid in coverage.

Hampton running and getting snaps on special teams.
Reid, Jenkins, and BJ. I'd like to see if we have a legit back up for Kap that can run the offense the same way he does.
Who I want to see play:

3. Marlon Moore- I'm excited for this kid, but I need to see much more than what I've seen.
2. Nnamdi Asomugha/Eric Reid- I want them to TAKE their starting roles. They've made a good impression so far, time to go win it in Harbaughs eyes.
1. A.J. Jenkins- I've been one of his biggest defenders/supporters/Advocates, but I can no longer defend him after his performance this off season. Time to put up or shut up kid, no matter how bad I want you to succeed.

Who I DON'T want to see play:

3. Kyle Williams/LaMichael James: We know what they can do in terms of returning, let Parrish Cox get more reps there so we can broaden the competition.
2. Anquan Boldin: If this mofo gets hurt in the preseason (knock on wood), I will legit flip my sh*t, because our "#2 receiver discussions" will turn to #1 receivers discussions. That would be a friggin NIGHTMARE.
1. Colin Kaepernick: See #2.
Game 2 is all about AJ Jenkins. Some others will be watched too. But he matters most.
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