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49ers You'll Be Watching Most Closely in Week 2 of the Pre-Season

As battles continue to go on, there are a few players in particular that I'm really paying attention to -- either to see if they rebound, or simply continue to impress. This would be my top 5 most closely watched list:

1. Kendall Hunter, RB - Curious to see how he runs (if he plays) now that he's been activated from the PUP list.
2. AJ Jenkins, WR - Would like to see a rebound performance, with some more catches.
3. Lawrence Okoye, DE - Isn't this one obvious? We're all watching to see improvement.
4. Daryl Morris, CB - Practice reports continue to state he's doing well. Let's see if this carries into the game again.
5. Phil Dawson, K - All his kicks looked ugly in the first game. Would like to see a rebound performance.

If Quinton Patton played, he'd be on this list for sure. Definitely excited to see him play whenever he's able to hit the field.
The same list you have..
The receiving core, wanna see who establishes position as the #2 starter with Crabs out
I'd like to see more out of the 2nd/3rd string offense, hopefully the back-up OL gets its s**t together so we can actually get a look at the QB's, WR's and RB's.
Perrish Cox - Would like to see him get some punt returns against the 1st string. Why limit it to James and Williams? We never really gave Cox a shot last year at returning. Let him see if he can follow up what he did week 1.

Nnamdi Asomugha - Him and Cox could be fighting for the starter job opposite of Brown since Rogers will play the slot. Unless we play Rogers opposite of Brown and then shift him to the slot against 3 WR sets. That being said since 3 WR sets is common in today's NFL someone is going to be getting a lot of playing time at LCB or at the Nickel.

Eric Reid - I think he will be the opening day starter and we need to see him get as many reps as possible. Hopefully he plays an entire half.

QB's: McCoy, Tolzien and Daniels - Would like to see all 3 get a quarter each. Would like to see some improvement from McCoy and Tolzien as well as the 2nd string OL/offense.

WR's: Jenkins, Collie, Moore and Lockette - I don't think Jenkins will get cut and of course want to see him get things turned around. I think Collie and Hall are similar so doubt both would make it and I'd rather have Collie who has much more upside and has proven himself. Moore vs Lockette could be for the last WR spot if Manningham goes to PUP. Jacobs looks to be a good PS candidate and should have a shot at the roster next year. Hall as well if he is eligible but don't think he is. Hawkins I just think his best days are behind him and he's likely in last place. Osgood might have looked good against the Broncos the guy has had like 10 seasons to prove himself at WR and has done nothing. I'd take Moore over him since he's younger and has more potential at WR.

Some other notes: I'd like to see Wilhoite and Moody get at least a half to 3 quarters at ILB as they are the likely #3 and 4 ILBs. Knock on wood we won't need them to play ILB during the season but they need to be ready for it.

I'd like to see Jewel Hampton get a shot to see if he's worth keeping on the PS or not. Seems like Dixon has the #4 RB spot locked up at this point.

Many more reps for Kilgore and Looney at C. Seems like we would be comfortable with Kilgore at C this year if we had to but Goodwin will get one more year. Who knows if he takes a very team friendly deal he could get a 2nd.
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Uh... Jenkins? Like to see how Gray does with Big Mac out. You mentioned Hunter but I don't think he plays this week.
i'll be watching Colt McCoy, he better be the #2 behind Kap. because Tolzien is not qualified
any WR thats wants to step up! and big vance continuing to do his thing, also eric reid.
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Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
i'll be watching Colt McCoy, he better be the #2 behind Kap. because Tolzien is not qualified

I think it has got to be who is going to step up at WR2. We were poised for greatness with Boldin and Crabtree out there locked in but now that we have the void to fill, I think #2 WR has got to be the thing to look for. I really hope Jenkins steps up and shows us what he can do.

Eric Reid...Nuff said
i will count how many times AS will run diagonally backwards trying to avoid sacks then throw at some ones feet
second unit o-line, if they dont show up again, you cant get a fair read on the back up qbs, the wr's battling for the #2 spot and everything else that trickles down from poor o-line play
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
i will count how many times AS will run diagonally backwards trying to avoid sacks then throw at some ones feet

Lol! but so true...
Great battle at backup LBer with Parys Haralson, Corey Lemonier, Nick Moody, Dan Skuta, Nate Stupar and Michael Wilhoite. That is a deep group.
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