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Who is your breakout player this year not named CK7 and what are your projections?

Who is your breakout player this year not named CK7 and what are your projections?

After watching that first pre-season game, I'm going to have to point out someone not on the list - Lemonier. He could end up as a situational pass rusher similar to the way Aldon was in his first year. It didn't look to me like anyone was quick enough to get a good block on him in his first outing.

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Tough call w/only one preseason game.

I think Hunter will return w/ a mission.

Not listed - Lemoniere will have an impact not quite like Aldon but will surprise many people.
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Move over I am hopping on board this train of positive vibes, baby.

Sgt. Oddball? Is that you? Groovy!
Originally posted by shawndeno49:
I'm going with laMichael James as I look for him to have a 3 special teams touchdowns a 5.5 ypc average 4 rushing TD's and 4 receiving TD's

He could emerge as the 2nd option this year with Hunter returning from his injury, he is going to get a ton of touches in all aspects of the offense and special teams.
Hunter, if at all possible, will get more touches than last year, as will James, but I expect Hunter to get more than James. The 49ers have apparently added more RB passing to the gameplan so all 3 RBs will get more touches on passes.
Agree it shouldn't be a rookie...because breakout infers the player has at least one season under his belt. So, my choice would be Marlon Moore. I see him with at least 50 catches, 750 yds, 7 TD's.
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