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Who is your breakout player this year not named CK7 and what are your projections?

Who is your breakout player this year not named CK7 and what are your projections?

Originally posted by valrod33:
Aj Jenkins
40 catches 800 yards 8 TDs

I actually could see this if AJ makes it as the #2 or #3 receiver. He has game speed and gets open pretty consistently. With the attention paid to everyone else, he could get the opportunity to be a pretty solid deep threat.

Outside of AJ, my vote went to Ian Williams.
Patton makes sense with the big ? at the position. I think Vance has a decent shot to get some notoriety.
put marlon moore on the list
Originally posted by SofaKing:
I'm gonna pick someone not on this list -- Marlon Moore.

It seems like not many are taking him seriously even after he got the start against the Broncos. He may actually be the front-runner for the #2 receiver job right now. I'm predicting 45 catches, 600 yards, 4 TD's. Not exactly earth shattering numbers, but it would be a breakout season for him.
McDonald and Hunter are most likely to get the most snaps of that group ... we saw what Hunter could do, so McDonald is the best bet to show the best.

I picked Ian Williams cause I've been on him from his draft year.
I want to say AJ so bad but not until I see something, Right now I would say Ian and its not even close.

Also for a breakout player shouldnt Collie and Nnamdi be excluded from the list since they have already broken out in the NFL, they would be more suited for a comeback player of the year not breakout poty
Originally posted by monsterzero789:

I wouldn't put money on this, but it's what I'm hoping for. Patton for Kyle Williams for me.
I am going to say Eric Reid wins ROTY. 5 int, 3 forced fumbles and 78 tackles.
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Kilgore, because he wasn't on your list. Oline ftw.
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Ian Williams gonna get double-team/pressure QB a lot. I also think Patton will take advantage of every opportunity which will lead to more playing time (into the playoffs)...

I want to say its someone from the secondary. I would say Nnamdi but the fact that he's not starting and Eric Wright will rotate in discourages me. If he's sees most of the nickle snaps than I think he will dominate. Either way I think his addition coupled with Wrights will lead to Reid having a breakout year. I don't understand how anyone could expect a breakout year from Ian Williams. Im not saying he wont dominate but Im just wondering what stats would signify a breakout. A breakout player has to have a tangible performance and that can only be measured with stats. If Nnamdi gets 45 tackles 4 ints and 7 pass deflected he gets the nod.
I'm pretty sure it will be KyjellyWilliams
I would have to say Ian Williams. After being stashed away and buried in the depth charts, he's this year's Alex Boone. Tomsula is one of our best coaches and if he let Soap and RJF walk, I trust that he saw something in Ian. I was excited watching him blow up the OLine in the first game.
Ian Williams is going to be the breakout player, not because of his big muscles, speed or potential, but because of what he is doing on the football field.
For me "breakout" always meant someone who's been in the team at least for a year (so, no rookies) and who, although not a disaster, had made no mark at all. Kaep last year qualifies: we knew he would take over eventually, we hoped he'd be good, we just never expected he would get this good this fast. For me it was the same with Goldson in 2009: he was always useful, but suddenly he became really good. Same with Brooks in 2011 and Boone last year.

So far this year it looks like it will be Ian, but TC and preseason mean nothing. I want to see him do it consistently in real games. Who knows? It may be someone totally out of left field like Tukuafu or Celek.
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