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Our receivers will be a strength when everyone get healthy!

Future depth chart
1.Crab watch out when he comes back
2.AB He will be one on the best additions this year
3.MM I expect Mario to to come back full and be one of CK7 favorites
4.Austin I think Collie will jump up the depth chart a become our best slot receiver
5.kdub expect some explosive plays from Mr. Williams this year
6.QP kind of buried in depth but stays because of ability
7. KOsgood special teams beast
Notable cuts: AJ, Hawkins practice squad lockette
What are your thoughts?
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The only problem is they got to get healthy first. Our first 5 games is probably our toughest stretch.
traditional preseason fluff post, moving along
Just realized that Anquan Boldin is the 3rd WR to play for the 49ers with the initials AB in the last 7 years after Antonio Bryant and Arnaz Battle.

As for our WRs becoming a strength.... I doubt Crabtree will be at full strength at all this season. Manningham maybe. But even with Williams and Manningham healthy, we still need somebody else to step up. Neither of those guys were that good to begin with. They are decent, but we are comparing them to rookies and perpetual practice squad guys.

My money is on Quinton Patton taking the NFL by storm once his finger heals and he can catch passes. But until that happens, WR is our biggest weakness.
Best case scenario for the end of the season would be if there all healthy of course is them having boldin davis mcdonald williams and manningham any one who happens to step up during the year and make plays would only be a plus when crabtree comes back it's going to take him a few games to be normal again but come playoff time your right the receivers should be at full strength.
Will be interesting to see. If they all come back healthy then yes.

Collie, IMO, will be an excellent addition.
With the added receiving threats at tightend and runningback, I agree.
How about him?

2Lt Chad Hall
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Originally posted by lifter33:
How about him?

2 Lt Chad Hall

THAT is your first post?!
Trying to post a picture, and doing a p*ss poor job of it!

Our receivers will be a strength when we get better receivers!

Hope this works...
^ lol, nice
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I am skeptical, at least for this season.

For a WR to come back fully from an achilles injury in less than 8-10 months is a not realistic. I don't expect Crabtree to do be available this season, although there is hope for the playoffs. Not likely.

Boldin is a nice add but, at this point in his career, is a #3.

Williams is a back up slot receiver on most good passing teams.

Collie is the wild card. If he plays back to Indy form he would be a solid #3.

Manningham was a #3 on the Giants and very much over-rated here in the 'zone.

Patton is totally unknown.

Osgood is ST but no real receiving threat.

Moore might make the roster, maybe not.

Jenkins will only make the team because of his contract, not his talent.

So without MC, that leaves us with 2 #3s, a good concussion case, and a bunch of career backups. Hard to get very excited about that. I expect a lot of ground and pound this season.
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Originally posted by RonMexico:
Our receivers will be a strength when we get better receivers!

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