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Please post all the game day happenings here. ALL reactions and observations from the game go here. However, if you have something like an end of quarter analysis thread you would like to post go ahead and make it it's own thread. Please make sure someone didn't beat you to it before you post it. All threads that are posted out of the game day thread will be deleted and the user may be warned. In the cases where it is appropriate to merge threads (like if an injury happens and everyone reports it at the same time) we will do so.

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Where: San Francisco

When : Sunday, September 8, 2013

Time: 1:25 PM PST
Post all your pregame musings in here. All other threads will be merged.

Watching with life long Packers fans. They're gonna be bummed. At least they'll have my killer brats.
Ok niner fans, its what you have been waiting for...the season opener. Classic game again, niners and Packers. Can't wait.
They are going to put in VY as change of pace an inevitable loss.
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Go, Niners, go!
Let's do this! My bachelor party is this coming weekend and you can bet we'll all be watching the home opener on Sunday!
Unleash the pass rushing Krakens!
Just keep Clay Matthews off of Kaep's back, Mr. Staley!!
Niners 34
Packers 17

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Niners 35
Packers 13
the Packers O line is decimated. The smith 'brothers' are going to have a field day going up against them. A.Rogers wont have any time in the pocket and Willis and Bowman will shut down lacy in the running game. The game is won in the trenches and the 49ers have a decisive advantage there.
Thread this early?

No wonder I love The Webzone.

I've setup game threads on another forum community before and I would get this is bad luck crap.
Eddie Lacy will be the starting running back

Time for a little baptizin to the NFL hardcore style.
Rodgers wont lose 3 games in a row to us

Packers 75
49ers 6

Plus Harbaugh and everybody are too busy game planning for the Seahawks
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