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I'm lovin it!!
Originally posted by GoldenJoe:
Harbs brain just exploded a bit, doesn't know who to cut...
Daniels, Hawkins, and Cam I think made the roster fo sho
How can you cut anyone???!!!
Does everyone realize that the 49ers are releasing Wallace, Daniels is on the roster.

And he should be the backup QB, he's played better then Colt all season, plus he fits the offense better.
Beautiful throw BJ
what a freakin deep roster
I know it's 4th string but at this point I'd rather throw out Daniels and run some read option in the regular season than McCoy. Of course would rely heavy on the run. P.S. Going to suck if Jacobs gets picked up by another team.
Originally posted by Rascal:
Jacobs can ball too, man !! This kid has potential !!

practice squad
Daniels is something special, he's made some amazing plays, well beyond Nate Davis/preseason crush territory.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by GoldenJoe:
Wrong, lol.

LOL not over yet!

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Originally posted by smithgdwg:

Well well. A lot of unsolved mysteries unraveling tonight. We got some hidden gems on this ball club
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Cal guy doing well. Makes me happy.
Tim Ryan is smoking crack if he thinks they're going to put BlowJob on the practice squad.
I would take hawkins over baldwin.

Hawkins Hawkins stays as the 6th WR when both crabs and manningham come back if he is tagged as the return guy
Moore - Crabs

Boldin and Patton seem to be the only really safe guys on this list. I can see williams, hawkins, and moore as number casualties once crabs and manningham are healthy. If these guys are performing I wouldn't be surprised to see crabs or manningham stay in some sort of injured list to finish the season out, especially if they are not 100%.

Hawkings just jumped ahead of baldwin, collie, jacobs, hall, and whoever else they have out there.
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