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What is your biggest concern after seeing Broncos game (preseason)?

What is your biggest concern after seeing Broncos game (preseason)?

We have depth at Center and having Snyder is huge, he is our best Tackle and Guard back up. I still think Looney will be OK, and Killgore might be able to fill a guard spot in a pinch.
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I hope this has already been posted, but everyone should keep in mind that the Broncos kept most of their defensive 1's in for almost the entire first half. So a lot of that backup offensive line work that didn't look that good was against starters.

Yeah i noticed, but that was good for our backups. They need to go against high level competition.
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not just the fact that Colt McCoy sucks, but the fact that Tolzien also didn't perform too well. I've just never been a fan of McCoy in the NFL (I've rooted for him though) and I'm very concerned about him as a #2 to the point I was kind of expecting Tolzien to outplay him or at least make it interesting.

That battle is definitely interesting after last night, but not in a good way

FWIW I did think Tolzien outplayed McCoy

I agree. Both were crap. That begs the question, why did we cut Josh Johnson over Tolzien in the first place again ?? I really want to see what BJ Daniels has got. Also, I am in favour of switching our back-ups to mobile QBs as well. If we still had Josh Johnson and if BJ can show up, it could have been quite an interesting QB corps.

Josh Johnson was brought in to compete for the number 2 job/starter, not the 3rd qb who never dresses. But I agree, I wish we wouldn't have cut him.
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I would say backup OT.. but in games that matter, I suspect Boone would kick out if need be. So... I say backup QB.

Moving Boone out to OT would disrupt the consistency all along the OL. Maybe if there was a major injury to Staley or Davis we would probably move Boone out to OT during the week. But in a game, it would probably be a guy off the bench. Probably Adam Snyder since he is the only OL we have that is good enough to make the team that has any experience at OT.

I was really hoping we would draft an OT in the mid-rounds or find a decent FA. Instead, we brought back Snyder... who is only decent as a guard. But still, even he would be better than the scrubs I saw on the field last night.

This is from the Bob McKittrick days of OL coaching. It is why the Niners draft veratile OL players. You need the best 5 OL starting with a focus on the OT or book ends.

The Niners absolutely would kick Boone out to OT if one went down to injury. They have several folks who can play guard to replace Boone.

Would you rather have

LT- Boone
LG Iupati
C- Goodwin
RG- Kilgore/Snyder or Looney
RT- Davis

LT Snyder- Wiggins
LG Iupati
C Goodwin
RG Boone
RT Davis

No in a game Boone is the first guy to move to tackle, it happened a number of different times last year, and it's well documented. Boone has been the back up OT for years now!
Depth, at WR, OL, and MLB
''What is your biggest concern after seeing Broncos game (preseason)?''

That to Zone will flip the f**k out, and we will see 1000 new threads on ''Fire Trent Baalke, Jim Harbaugh and cut Kaepernick NOW''

Bout it really.
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