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Gameplan vs Seattle in week 2

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The only problem is if you put Davis on an island, you lose his blocking ability in the running game. Ironically, it was you that argued with me about who was the better blocker, Miller or Davis. The more research I did, the more I see why he is so valuable and that even when Davis isn't catching footballs, he is a vital organ to the running game.

The most underrated aspect of VD game is his blocking. I don't know of another TE that blocks as well consistently down in down out no matter the defender. With his size speed strength and technique he is a better blocker than he is a receiving TE if that is possible

That was evident last year. The Niners didn't need Davis during the regular season to catch balls because Crabs and Williams with a sprinkle of Davis's speed kept defenses honest. That space created allowed the Niners to run Jumbo packages and keep Davis blocking with your vaunted O-line and the Niners could feed Gore. The Niners should love the Seahawks because we gave you the blueprint to defeat Atlanta. Zack Miller was getting open all day in the intermediary secondary and was getting large chunks of yards and Harbaugh seized that and did the same thing with Davis. Atlanta had no answer for it... However if you put Davis at the slot or Flanker position (doesn't matter, he has the athleticism to play any of the wide-out positions), you will lose his blocking and will take away his ability to block the free flowing linebackers on sweeps and will force Gore to run into the teeth of the defense, not just against Seattle, but all teams. So the question is if he is more valuable as a blocking/receiving tight end or a split-end, slot, or flanker??

id say blocking/receiving tight end because his blocks are very important but he has become a great receiver for us the last few years as well even if he isnt targeted as much as he should be. its hard to put him into one box because he does so many things well. i wouldnt mind putting him out wide so he can bully sherman a little bit
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Well we are about 4 weeks from the Troll exodus coming. I feel bad actually for Seattle fan. The media is setting them for the big fall. Kinda like during the Nolan years, many picked us to win the division before we finished last. They cannot fathom they could start out this year 0-1 at home. They will be reeling.

While the media and others tout Seattle the gamblers aren't buying into it. Gamblers are always smarter than the media. It might be related to losing something if they are wrong.
Ticks me off. I have to hear how good Seattle is but can't bet against them and profit.

Little old me, a troll?
I don't think I've ever posted anything that could be considered trollish. I don't plan on an exodus either (heck, I've been posting on a Yankee board since 2001) even if the Hawks don't live up to the hype (which, btw, I'm on record being uncomfortable with - I'm used to my team being the under dog so, this is unfamiliar territory). I just hope "team chip" can ignore the noise of the hype and focus on meeting their own expectations - 't will be a challenge, for sure.

As for the betting deal...
Not sure what the current odds are, last I saw was 9-1 . . . not too bad, not a huge long shot but enough to make it worth it. No fun to bet on the favorite but, then again, maybe that's why I'll never make a living gambling cuz I use my heart instead of my head ;-)
Seneca Wallace . . .
secret weapon?

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Seneca Wallace . . .
secret weapon?


He looks a lil like RW, maybe we just brought him in as a tackling dummy
The Seahawks cannot be stopped period. They're just that good and all 31 teams should be scared. They're even going to be dominant on the road this season. Its already a foregone conclusion from what I'm gathering around the NFL. 16-0 I see no reason to even have the team show up.
Beat the Packers...
My thought as a Seahawk fan for what the 49er gameplan should be would be almost exactly what they did last year in SF.

That damn trap run game over and over, then follow it with a lot of PA and mix in some option.

Seattle has the same secondary, and they are very good, but with Irvin and Clemmons out, Branch gone (replacement yet to be named), and a new SAM LB, I think they are going to struggle stopping the run for a while. Especially on 3rd down when Bryant comes off the field.

On defense, i'd do exactly what Atlanta did. Stay at home outside and contain, and try to push the pocket up the middle. If they can get away with playing a single high to help stop the run rather than a cover 2 it will help to slow Lynch down. But I'm not sure that SF has a FS with the range to rely on it too much.
Sweep the leg.
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