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This years Super Bowl: 49ers vs..¿?

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Just win the super bowl.
Niners vs. Chiefs
Falcons/Texans, Falcons win.
not even close
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49ers vs Alex Smith led KC Chiefs
the Kansas City Chiefs, of course

Niners Steelers. 70's vs 80's dynasties.
Bad mojo... bad mojo...
49ers versus the Cowboys after Jerry Jones tells Goodell that change is good and the Cowboys are now going to be bout them Cowboys?

bills vs cowboys
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Falcons/Texans, Falcons win.

Well that would be funny.
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Broncos have an easy 13 games or so and a bye week and home field. Niners beat their bad front 7 pretty easily
Originally posted by Chico:
49ers vs Alex Smith led KC Chiefs

Originally posted by AmpLee:
If your a Hawks fan, their Superbowl will take place against us on week 2.

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