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Most Intriguing Player To Watch This Preseason?

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Put me down with Jiks. Vance all the way. 2nd rd pick and we passed(could have moved up but didn't) on two other way better known TEs. I think this kid turns everybody's heads.
For me it's all recievers on offense and all Dbs on defense
CB Darryl Morris
Believe it or not, for me it's seeing Kap's development after an offseason of being the undisputed starter. After that it's all the receivers, including Boldin.
Originally posted by ninerempire25:
CB Darryl Morris

I am really hoping this guy makes the roster. He is on my watch list as well.
VANCE McDONALD - hands down, it is key to replace DW. DW may not have been the perfect receiver (hands) but he became a very good and willing blocker, and match up problem. He could line up anywhere the Offense needed him to to create a problem for the defense. That will be missed.

I believe (hope) Vance can be as athletic as DW and even better. He needs to become a great blocker in a HURRY. As with other posters (NC49er - Jiks) I think he can add a dimension we've been missing - the traditional TE receiver that sits in zones and is the QB's best friend for key receptions to keep the chains moving. We've been missing that.

But amazingly, he could also be a deep seam threat, he has the speed.

If he can learn the playbook and to block quickly, he could be a huge contribution to 9ers offensive effectiveness.
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Punt returner battle and Vance.
I want to see patton do well. He has an awesome last name and it would go far to redeem #11
aj jenkins to prove all the doubters and become a #1 receiver

AJ Jenkins
I'm gonna be watching Austin Collie and AJ Jenkins the most. I think Collie will make the 53 man, he's a solid receiver and I believe he will make an impact this season. Always liked him through college and when he was with Indianapolis.
Ian Williams. Especially since Fangio mentioned 'he should have been drafted'

Fangio also wonders why Goldson didn't play like a probowler before the last 2 years. I think I can answer that ... Billy Davis and Greg Manusky. Some of us were crying tears of sadness when Manusky was let go...
Anthony Dixon, he is a BEAST and for some reason the powers that be do not put much of value in him so he will get his reps and be chomping at the bit to crush people.

I get that we are stacked at RB but I know that Dixon is the kind of guy that would only play better in the clutch. Undervalued!
James returning kicks, especially punts.
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