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**Update Eric Wright signed to one year deal**

Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:
Originally posted by WINiner:
What exactly in the last 3 seasons has given you reason to question what the Niners are doing in the backfield? Put your trust in The Don.

Our lack of experienced proven depth at cornerback this offseason is the answer to your question. Our coaching staff is not necessarily involved in this issue

Absolutely they are because it is that coaching staff and their level of comfort with the guys we have right now that has us at this deficit you claim exists at the position. Just because you see it as a lack of depth doesn't mean the coaches agree. This staff specifically, has proven they know what they are about when it comes to developing DB's.

I'd have a bit more faith.
I express concern for lack of experienced proven depth. Iowa is right. shouldn't this thread be moved to NFL talk ?
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