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49ers cut Darius Fleming, sign Travis Johnson

So, AB, in 2008 we had a coach that sucked, a GM that deferred to the HC, and we had Balmer, Chilo, Reg Smith, Cody and Grant. Bad as that is, and
"2008 sucked period", just think for a moment about the former "America's team". They have essentially had one cocked up draft after another, altho this yr, big jer got his man, a center from the Midwest somewhere, as their # 1 pick, to bolster their OL(good idea) especially the center. One problem. He was rated in the mid 3rd rd by 31 other NFL teams(so it was reported in Dallas newspapers). In other words, big jer(owner, GM, probably calls the plays, showman deluxe, egotist, and certifiably worst talent picker in NFL), has managed to ruin a team with one putrid draft after another. Sure our '08 was a stinker, a bad stinker...but look at the gone. We are incredibly lucky trent worked his way up thru the trenches, and jed grew into a man. Also, the little item of Stanford's Coach Harbaugh literally being on our front lawn was an act of the Almighty. Had he been coaching at Rhode Island junior college, A M &N, we would still be floundering around for a HC. But nope, providence saw to it that he ends up coaching at Stanford.

Point is AB, yeah, we got screwed in '08, but could you even for a moment ,imagine having a moron like Big jer as your owner/GM who if he ever had any football sense at all it was used up 20 yrs ago? Yeah, I can't either. Since then the guy has taken his team down with him. Nah, for me, 2008 was a back breaker, but we don't have some nitwit like big jer screwing up EVERY draft. We got really good and lucky with Trent, altho early on his HCs were dipschidts, and then jed hires Jim Harbaugh. Since then it has been onward and upward, and we literally improve talentwise every yr, with '08 the major exception. 2012 is still undecided, primarily because of AJ. But he still has 8 weeks to make it ...or break it.

Anytime I get a bit down and get a little disappointed with a past draft, I immediately think of the cowboys/cowgirls. That basically happened to us for a few yrs from 2001 on, but we came out smelling like a rose. So, looking at where we are...and where we came from....I got no complaints. All I have to do is think of my poor brother in Fort Worth, unable to watch his team on TV...they are that bad. I remember those days, too, and man am I glad they are gone. So altho I like your chart of 2005-2012, excepting 2008 which was a true barking dog, we are obviously on the right path. And for that I am eternally grateful. To live all those Joe and Steve yrs, and then fall off a cliff....well those were dark , dreary days for this fan. Now, all I can see is sunny days, punctuated by a few miscues here and there. But we got the needle pointing in the right direction, and have loads to be thankful for. Sure DBs are in a knife fight, and WRs are in ambulances. But it will work out....with depth. We just all have to remember where we came from and where we now are.
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