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Joe Looney?

Folks, that was a plain old "cheapshot". He didn't even need to touch Williams and could have put a nick legal block on him because he had an angle and the momentum. Going low wasn't need at all.

To me Looney has been disappointing this preseason. If all you do is stand out for something cheap, you really havent done much.
Agree with that. It was a flat-out cheap shot. There is no need for that kind of playing. The Niners don't need to be the Seahawks. To me, that's strike two for Looney. Strike one is the fact that he hasn't played well this pre-season.
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He should definitely get fined. If someone did that to Justin Smith we'd be screaming bloody murder.

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Folks, that was a plain old "cheapshot". He didn't even need to touch Williams and could have put a nick legal block on him because he had an angle and the momentum. Going low wasn't need at all.

Wrong he had just got up off the ground. He may have never even known Williams was coming back. And if Williams was hustling instead of going through the motions this may not have happened.

And how much shot would he have got in the film room if he did not block him? Then James got the edge and Williams made the tackle?
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That blocked seemed low. Unless he lost balance and was falling toward the ground which is possible. Just doesn't seem likely.

lol. And I thought I was optimistic

Actually to me during the game it looked like he was losing balance, but once they showed the replay and slowed it down a lil bit it was obvious it wasnt an accident. Why the hell sink to that level though I just dont get it.

I cant recall who said it, but one of the dangers of playing starters versus backups is that some reserves will go the extra mile to standout. Sometimes these intentions turn into boneheaded plays, unfortunately
Really disappointed with Looney. He was talked up by all the beat writers saying he's a very talented lineman that the team is high on. So far, I don't see it. When he's not making mistakes and drawing penalties, he's delivering cheap shots at someones knees. I don't know if the other backup lineman are bringing him down with their level of play, but he hasn't looked good.
Just saw the replay .. disgusting. No need for that is right.
Total cheap shot by Looney. No excuses. Hope Williams will be alright.
Bad play, no question.

Aside from that, in my opinion Looney has been pretty disappointing in his play overall.

How could Looney think it would end any other way? God, that was messed up. That's the one thing that I can't stand regardless of who the player or team is, dude's getting their knees bent the wrong way. Maybe it's because I've had bad knee/ankle injuries before and just seeing them makes me nauseous and cringe as I look away.
I hope his ASS is cut a total disappointment this preseason
I wouldn't even be mad if he got cut. Had lots of potential but he hasn't played too well and that s**t is not cool. Someone does that to Aldon or Justin and we would scream bloody murder.
I still don't know why players are so quick to dive down to the legs in situations like that. All you need to do is put your body in front of him. Personally, I don't think ANY player should allow to block below the hips, EVER! If you are trying to cut a player down for a throw...well...maybe teams just need to find other ways to get quick passes.

That was a dick move by Looney.
the 2012 draft was a complete joke. LMJ is the only good pick.

thank god Baalke turned it around and had a stellar '13 draft
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