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Could Crabtree be looking for Mike Williams money next year?

Originally posted by ace49ers:
If the active crop of WRs (especially the younger WRs) catch on with Kap as good as the Kap/Crabs combo . . . . . Crabtree will have to look elsewhere for that kind of money.

This is what I expect from Baalke/Harbaugh. Keep the talent coming in so no one can break the bank!
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Agree/wGNielsen - Also, the Bills threw 100M for one player and there will always be someone who'll do something unpredictable.

I wouldn't blame Crabbs for getting as much $ as he can BUT I don't see us being the one to do it.

If he leaves Jerry Jones will be in the mix.

Still worried about Dallas? They haven't even extended their own number one WR.
Ace, I posted 4 pages back that after the NFCC title game and then after the SB, we basically entered those games with only 2 receivers in NFCC (crbs and Vernon) and no more receivers in the SB. We became unidimensional in our passing game. So the "ball catchers" listed below will be the ones that we will be seeing now. And I fully expect all of them to catch passes. I think we use 8 different guys to catch passes each game. The Peyton technique if you will . Here they are:
Vance, Vernon, Anquan, kyle, hunter, LMJ, frank, AJ, patton, Miller, celek, and Mario when he comes back. That is 10 guys that can legitimately can be thrown to.
TEN. Sure that will be tough for Kap to get on the same page with these guys, but kap is perfectly capable of working on a few routes for each guy. Workhorses will be vance, Vernon, anquan, LMJ, Patton, and AJ( I hope). But don't forget or neglect the other guys too, as they all can represent a ball catcher, as a surprise, every now and then.
A big yes to the above - the more the merrier. And, I'm still hoping he can develop a special chemistry with his bro, Lockette. Because if Lockette can turn into a legitimate receiver, a 6'3" guy who goes 4.3 will be hard to contend with. The guy looks like a beast. If he can just learn to catch the ball and run crisp routes he should make the team.
His plight could also be influenced by whomever steps up while he's out...if he demands too much (anticipated), at least Harbaugh will have the season to evaluate his potential replacement.
Corva, capwise, courtesy AB, there is no way we keep Crbs instead of Iupati, et al. Doesn't make sense moneywise. And yes, crbs will want "what he is worth", or put another way, way more than he is worth. The injury kind of sealed is fate, but even so, I don't think he would stay here and play for the team that screwed him with a contract he knew to be unfair. Corva, guys like that don't forget, and always have an overinflated sense of self. Besides, when he did sign, it took all 2nd half of first yr and all of 2nd yr to learn the dam play book. Guys like that, Corva, stay like that. 49ers screwed him and took advantage of him, pure and simple. He can't wait to go elsewhere and get what he knows he is worth. Selfish. Just plain old selfish. And those guys don't suddenly have a change of heart. Crbs will be out looking for the biggest paycheck, way more than we will have after extending Kap,, Iupati, Aldon, et al. Crbs just doesn't fall in that group.
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