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Whos the KR/PR for the 2013 season?

Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Frank Gore

nate clements

Nate was a surprisingly good returner despite his lack of top-end speed.
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
James KR
Williams PR


Originally posted by cciowa:
i would like to think this is the case. i would like to think he and the coaches will work on this a ton in the next two months.

Originally posted by valrod33:
LMJ, worked on Punts all through out the season last year and has continued to work on them this off season. Im sure he has a better handle on it

Agree with both of these. It sounds like he has put a lot of work in and is really striving to become our return specialist.

I have high hopes for it working out too because this dude is electric with the ball in his hands.
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The fact that Williams will be our PR is tragically hilarious to me.
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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Kentwan Balmer

dude beasted in 2008 on kick returns
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Originally posted by 49erWay:
Walsh would pull him from return duty and leave him in the slot.

Once you have mental errors like that and you aren't Montana, Rice, Taylor, Craig, Lott, Young or whoever else...Walsh wouldn't gamble on you in the playoffs.

He'll be fine in the season, then in the playoffs with the spotlight on, his head will flash back on a guy like that.

Really good slot receiver, but don't put him in that return spot in the big spotlight after those mental conditions.

Its why Jordan gets the ball in key situations in the championship game and Rodman dresses like a girl and thinks he brokered world peace with the communists.

jesus,,. you do not know what walsh would have done,, did he tell you that in a seance? my god,, if there was any mental crisis from the playoff game, it would have surfaced last year.. maybe you slept through the year but he busted his ass, made the team and was very reliable for us till he got hurt. you act like that game more than two years ago scarred him for life. if it did we would have seen it last year. this mental condition you speak of that kyle has is ,, well ludicrous
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Originally posted by Antix:
The fact that Williams will be our PR is tragically hilarious to me.

why,, what did he do last year to show you he does not deserve it?
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LMJ will be out KR and PR, Williams will back him up
Might be a question worth revisiting?
Gotta go with Lavelle Hawkins, Quinton Patton and Kyle Williams.

For now the PR will be Kyle most likely and he may do kicks as well. If he stays Hawkins will probably do KR. With LaMichael missing possibly 3 games I think Hawkins is a near-lock to make final cut. Patton showed he can return kicks too (in preseason).
Apparently this team thinks LaMichael James is the KR / PR for this team. I'm guessing they didn't see how many times he lunged for a catch or dove to the ground to make a catch. Plus last year he was fumbling his catches all the time. Granted he was not as bad this year as last. But in no way can I say this guy is a natural catcher for KR / PR. What they like about him is he is good in the open field with good speed. But catching kicks and punts is not the same as catching even a pass out of the backfield. It's just a totally different skill set. And I don't think LaMichael James is a natural at it. Not based on what I have seen the last 2 years in preseason.

Was he slightly better this preseason than last? Yes. Does he still scare the heck out of me and seem very unnatural and not sure handed for KR / PR? Yes. I think this will come back to bite us. I hope he proves otherwise but I'm concerned about this position.
really wanted Ace Sanders for this problem
KR, yes.

Punts, no. Punts are much harder to field. Also, you have a split second to make a decision whether to return, let it bounce,or fair catch.

Seems we are neglecting ST recently

(Collin Jones, Jennings, Ginn, Costanzo)
Originally posted by jreff22:
really wanted Ace Sanders for this problem

I don't know who I want but I don't want LaMichael James. I think Kyle Williams has proven to be a choker at returning the ball in the most epic way. Of the guys we have remaining I honestly trust Cox the most. He's a natural catcher of the ball, brings it in high and tight immediately and just doesn't look like fumble waiting to happen. Lavelle Hawkins would have been good here too. But we got rid of him.
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