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A couple questions..

So with how the 49ers have set their roster up and with the salary cap. Is there a chance we can go after Byrd in the offseason next year to sign him specially with the Bills having trouble signing him to a contract.... seeing as in we can move Reid to SS and let Whitner walk... and im not sure how trades exactly work in the NFL but what about trading Whitner and Rogers or Brown for Byrd?

and my second question is how is the 49ers Oline depth? we seem to be pretty deep everywhere else
1) We do not spend big $$ on secondary - so not happening

2) Oline depth is a pretty big unknown. We have guys that our coaching staff has liked, but they remain unproven commodities, other than Snyder who's our current swing tackle.

P.S. these are significantly different topics, so it makes sense to be two different threads, for which we already have.
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