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Read Option WON'T catch teams by surprise this year

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Originally posted by maltz88:
I'm coming in late to this thread, but had to respond.

I keep hearing about read/option, and I've had enough.

This is exactly the the thing that is wrong with our society, and continues to lead us down a horrible path.

There is no way reading should be an option! It should be mandatory curriculum for all kids period. No question.

This read/option has allowed players like CK, Cam Newton, and RW to flourish in the NFL, but is it right for everyone to throw around willy nilly the fact that they may not be able to read?

Our school systems need to be held to a higher standard, and the NFL should step and set an example as well. There is no way that illiterate players should be celebrated as setting some kind of trend in the league.

Sorry to get on my pulpit, just disgusted with this topic!

I blame the Unions for this travesty. The NFL Players Union and the Teachers Union are clearly in cahoots to promote illiteracy. Sentences like "Sprint Right Option" and "Nineteen Bob" are incomplete sentences! Yet the NFL Players Union has done nothing to correct the sentence structure and grammer of these suppposedly very qualified Starting QBs in the NFL. College Players that leave early and enter the draft should prove their ellegibility to play in the NFL by being able to recite complete sentences during the Combines before they are drafted. Unfortunately neither the Teachers Union or the Players union have taken action on this matter.

Marvin, nice summary of read option which we all agree is just math. 11 on 11, and our advantage is we know , or at least kap knows at the last moment where the ball is going...either with him or from him. Your point about DEs crashing in is something I wondered about last yr. Why not? Well, then they lose contain and advantage to our Qb. But, But, then Kap has to run more. And that, exciting as it is, is not what I hope happens this season. I think we see a pocket passer from 97 different formations.

dtg, you point about Kap being lucky to land you know, he actually was specifically targeted for being here by an aggressive GM and HC with our 2nd pick. But you are right. He IS dam lucky to be here as opposed to anywhere else, say Bucs, Cleveland, Oakland...all the usual suspects. And I had never even heard of him...ouch.
The read option is normally ran out of a RUN BASED formation, with the QB's first option being to hand the ball off to the HB and let him do the damage (I think we do a damn good job at that), the second option would be for Kaep to keep it an run, which he hardly did last season out of that formation (he normally handed off to Gore, or faked the handoff and passed). Most of the time when Kaep ran it was because the pass play broke down and he took advantage. This offense isn't as "gimmick" as most people would seem to think. I remeber when the Pats/Packers etc. started spreading it out and throwing more people said it was a fad and would be stopped, now the league is a passing league with more and more team using 3/4/5 reciver sets,
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