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Read Option WON'T catch teams by surprise this year

I still have to laugh, we feature it..what two games all season and then run it a couple of times a game the rest of the year. Suddenly there are people jumping out of the woodwork like its the entire offense. Get this straight boys in the press, it is a play in our offense....if we see you can be gashed with it, it will be featured that week. If you look to be a team that defends it well, it could be left out of the play book entirely. Quit acting like we are a gimmick offense, its still power run game, high percentage throws. We dont line up in the spread every down, we dont alway run a pistol formation, we line up in pro-set, 2- Te, Jumbo and many other variations. Quit making stuff up because you dont watch the whole season and do your actual research...or quit calling youself press...because at the end the of the day all you are is a hater.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
So if we get rid of one of the least effective parts of our offense, we're going to be worse off?

I can't WAIT for us to get rid of the read option. Kap is light years better from the pocket, and when he needs to scramble he picks up huge yards anyway. The read option hurts our offense and the sooner it is gone, the better.

I agree with that notion, but with a different perspective, teams will be glued to the read option this year, so if we run a traditional WCO, this could throw a monkey wrench in the works. In that perspective, I believe it will actually help us. And then when teams adjust to the traditional WCO, quick audible, lol
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
We don't need it, but we will attack teams with it when they are vulnerable against it.

this, it's called "strategy"
There isn't anything to "catch." What we run is a Q "formation." That is, the QB lines up in the shotgun with a RB (or TE or even a WR) to either side of him. This deeper formation allows CK more time to read the field and pass and the OL more time to block. The timing of the runs were different and you've got to give huge props to the OL and Gore/James for adjusting so quickly to it. It created huge running lanes inside the T's. It also holds the DE's (have to contain the edges more and hold off on the full pass rush) b/c the defense doesn't know if: 1) CK is going to pass 2) if (and who) runs inside or outside the T's or 3) if CK keeps it as an option himself and runs it (inside or outside the T's).

The Q formation alone puts the defense on their heels. And there isn't anything the defense can truly do to defend it. The best scenario for the defense is to run blitz the gaps with the ILB's (even 0 blitz) and stuff the RB for a small loss right after the handoff in the backfield while the DE's rush up field but just to seal the edge; they also need to play VERY physical up at the LOS with their DB's and disrupt the routes. This should cut off both running lanes and hold the WR's.

But if CK/RB's learns to "read" it effectively however, CK also has the option to pass and with McDonald (quick, close, easy outlet), VD, Boldin, et. al it could be an absolute nightmare for defenses. Both RB's can also stay in to block and provide additional pass protection for CK. That alone, buys even more passing time for CK and automatically plays into a play action pass holidng the ILB's and S's. If both CK and the RB's progress at "reading" the defense correctly, it's an automatic mismatch in our passing game in our favor, every time.

In short, the only thing defenses will "catch" onto this season is how prolific our offense is...and how versatile it is...DC's will catch a headache more than anything preparing for us b/c there is no counter-formation or scheme; it takes 100% disciipline by all 11 defenders to defeat on every down and THAT isn't easy.

PS: The beauty of running a Q formation (e.g. CK in shotgun plus 2 players on either side of him) is that you CAN run all of your normal plays out of this can have max protect (both RB's stay in to block), one can stay into block while the other flares out, both flare out, quick screens, outlets, you can run all your normal passing plays from it, etc. But the best part is you can line anyone up back there. For instance, we lined VD up back there to create an instant mismatch b/c the ILB has to cover him out of the backfield and that is impossible with a running start! You can line WR's up back there (like Harvin/Austin) and we may be seeing a guy like Gray make the team for this very reason as well (swiss army knife); even wham blocks. B/c it forces the defense to also "read-and-react" it's an automatic play action every time. It's a simple formation that allows you a myriad of options from your normal playbook. Period.
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Originally posted by rum53:
It doesn't matter if the read option will surprise people this season. The only way to stop the read option is to have the defensive ends play the QB. That means fewer players to stop the Gore/Hunter/Lattimore/James run up the middle.

The defense has a choice to make. The defensive ends will either crash down the line to help with the rush up the middle which opens up the read option OR the defensive ends will stay home to combat the read option which means one less player to stop the inside run.

The beauty of the read option is that it gives the offense another weapon to combat the defense's style of play.

Like the above states, the offense will plan and adjust to the defensive game plan. BUT, I think the KEY for the 49ers development this year is to add the pass to the read option (RO) - essentially creating a more complex play-action pass from the RO motion. This will be key.

The read option can be defended when the defense can be sure a run will result from the action because the DE can play contain, the ILB plays inside gap, and a safety or even corner comes down into the running lane -- OR the DT and DE can "run blitz" to try and disrupt the exchange point. However, if the defense commits to stopping the run aspect of the read option is leaves itself extremely vulnerable to the pass in the opening right behind the read option play side.

If Kap can run read option play-action and pull up or roll out to pass into the zone behind the defensive sell-out to stop the run, then the read option becomes a lethal triple threat. I believe early in the season (by game 3 or 4) we will see this play-action pass from Kap and it will spell a whole new problem for defenses.

This is what college read-options have a very hard time doing, but if I remember correctly, Kap ran some read option play-action in Alt's offense at NV. It will be a matter of the 49ers receivers understanding the adjusting routes to run depending on the defensive reaction to the RO. Once Kap and his receivers are on the same page to the route adjustments, this could be crazy fun to watch.
Not concerned at all.

We won't be putting all our eggs in that basket.

I feel that's another reason Mangini was brought in.

I also feel Roman/JH will use it as a disguise for other key plays.
I like the pistol in that it makes the shallow handoffs really effective for our backs. Similar to the old quick openers and if we had a dominant center to go with our guards, teams would moan but be unable to do much about it. However much passing offences may produce at times, I like the well rounded game with a good running game. This seahawk domination makes me laugh. True they beat us pretty bad but there were mitigating circumstances. This year it will be a true test with lead loaded gloves on both sides and I expect the seahawks to be plucked and broiled pigeons. The team has more raw power depth and talent and when revenge is a motovation, I think the Harbaugh pestilence will strike the seahawks.
mind bottling
It's a matter of execution and being prepared, which is a big reason they hired Mangini, to game plan using other options when opposing teams try to shut it down. So long as our OL continues to perform like they're capable of, there's really no reason to worry.
It doesn't matter if we run a single read option. The fact that the DE has to slow down his approach to be ready for it means that Colin has just a little extra time to throw the ball.

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Say what you will about Roman, one things I know is the our running game will evolve and be ready for defenses playing the read option. Roman is a running game guru and he and Harbs will come up with a new scheme for the running game. I don't expect us to be as much of "read option team" as the experts expect us to be.
Originally posted by GNielsen:
The premise of this concern is that Kaepernick runs out of the read option at a similar rate to Cam Newton, but the premise is wrong. Of the four QB's who ran a read option last season, Newton, RGIII, Wilson and Kaepernick, Kaepernick had the smallest percentage of run plays. He ran out of that formation on a little less than 3% of his plays. Newton was at about 14% and RGIII was at about 11%. Wilson also didn't run out of it nearly as much as Newton and RGIII - he was at about 6%. If you remember, it was either Barrows or Maiocco who wrote a column on this at the end of the season.

My prediction is that Kaepernick will be throwing this season and when the pocket breaks down and he sees open field, just like in the Packers game, he will get big chunks of yardage scrambling.

What he said. See the attached article for the actual stats from ESPN:
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Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:
I like your moves.

I like your style.

I think people are confusing the Q formation (e.g. pistol formation) with the read option play. A read option play is typically run out of the Q formation (CK in the shotgun with 1 or 2 additional players lined up next to him)...the QB gets the snap and immediately runs with the ball...if a defender closes on him CK tosses the ball to the open RB; if not, CK keeps the ball and runs as far as he can. We not only ran this play off tackle but also between the tackles, off the C. But in this case, instead of the RB being an "option" he was a FB and helped open up a running lane inside for CK. To reiterate, the Q formation can be used on every single snap if we want and we can run our entire offense from it...the read option is just one play we can run out of it.
one good point made in this article is that once these guys get their 2nd contract their respective teams will prefer they aren't exposed to hits as much because of the investment of huge money in their star qb's..
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