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Joe Montana is overrated? can "what if" my cock in its ass. Stupid f**king article.
this whole thing they're doing on overrated/underrated players is stupid. 49ers fan or not I don't get how someone could say Montana is overrated, 4-0 in superbowls and never threw a pick...and he destroyed Marino and Elway in those superbowls.
Hawker84 just stated that Dan McGwire and Rick Mirer were both better than Montana.
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he would never say brady is overrated. Man, i would call him a certain gay slur if my warning wasn't so high.

I resent Brady due to SpyGate being when Brady was just developing. He's very good now, but I think less of him for the way he developed.

As for Joe? He was great, and definitely not overrated. But... he wasn't flawless.

True, he was only 4-0 in SBs with a ridiculous passer rating and 0 INT. f**kin bum
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some things are not worth answering
Completely different sets of receivers and running backs for 1 and 2 versus 3 and 4.

Highest all time QB Rating in Super Bowls - nobody will ever beat that.

Intangibles off the scale.

Did Elway, Marino and Moon have stronger arms? Sure. So what. So did Jeff George and Jim Drunkenmiller. Strong arm doesn't really help unless you really know how to play the game.

Nobody was cooler in the pocket. I've seen very few QB's who seem to have ice water in their veins like he did. Actually, Kaepernick may have some of that.
Originally posted by Black24Razor:
Hawker84 just stated that Dan McGwire and Rick Mirer were both better than Montana.

That's got to be sarcasm. He's smarter than that.
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Originally posted by Furlow:
This guy is trying to play the "what if" game, so I'll bite...

What if Roger Craig doesn't fumble in the 1990 playoff game against the Giants, and Montana doesn't hurt his elbow? We would have beaten the breaks off the Bills. That would have been a three-peat. 1991 he was out the whole year, and the Redskins won it all. Would have likely been another Niners championship. 1992-1995 was the Cowboys-Niners rivalry, and Steve Young choked badly in 1992 and 1993. So let's say they kept Montana and he played all of those years. Montana and the Niners would have basically been at the doorstep of the Super Bowl from 1991 to 1995. So you're talking about anywhere from 5 to 10 Super Bowl titles.

Montana was cold, calculated, and efficient. His style of play embodied everything about the QB position - get your teammates involved, run the clock, keep your opponent off balance, win the game. It seemed boring at times. I'm sure teams would walk off the field saying "this guy sucks how did we lose?" many times. But that was the genius of his play. He was a stone cold assassin, a straight up ninja in cleats.

Let's not forget the rules changes in 1995 (no chucking out of bounds) and 1996 (illegal contact) made it much easier to pass the ball. Many of the QB's mentioned as better than him played a lot of years after 1995, when Montana was retired.

So even in this fantasy "what if" world that the writer is talking about, Montana is still the greatest QB of all time!

Fantastic post!

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No no everyone we're just homers, so this gotta be true.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
No no everyone we're just homers, so this gotta be true.

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After all, he did have Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice. The greatest coach and the greatest WR of all-time.
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Originally posted by 8749:
After all, he did have Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice. The greatest coach and the greatest WR of all-time.

he won two superbowls without jerry.
What a waste of a read. But he did point out something interesting. Superbowls aside, if you compared Young vs Montana, Id agree that Young was the BETTER athlete and the better quarterback skill for skill. Joe Montana's edge (besides championships) was his ability to come back from behind and put up great performances come playoff time. Young obviously lacked this key component. He was great during the season, but always short when it counted (for the fans from the post Montana/Young era, think Peyton Manning). In terms of athleticism and pure quarterbacking ability, Id go with Young.
Wow. That has to be one of the worst things I have ever read. Whoever wrote that makes Grant Cohn look like Matt Maiocco.
To them "overrated" means he gets praise as the GOAT, but didnt have the regular season numbers of a Dan Marino or Peyton Manning. Montana was into winning, not statistics. What makes a QB great is how he performs in the clutch, when the team needs a comeback, and during the playoffs. Montana was the best EVER in all 3 of those situations.

also, Dashon Goldson might be the most overrated 49er ever. At least in the last decade. Couldnt cover, didnt know his assignments, racked up late hits in costly moments, etc. He hit hard and forced some fumbles, but he was a detriment just as often as he was an asset. Almost a poor mans Troy Polamalu, who incidentally might be the most overrated NFL player of this generation.

Im glad the 49ers understood how mediocre Goldson really was, and let TB pay him stupid longterm money.
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