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If you are a DC, who are you gameplanning to stop when you face the Niners?

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Originally posted by NCommand:
Stop our offense the exact same way Baltimore did on the final drive:
  1. Zero blitz up the middle forcing quick decisions by CK
  2. Jam and press coverage (outmuscle our WR's)
  3. Hope Roman/Harbaugh call the wrong plays at the wrong time or (cough, call time-out, cough).
bullet point number three was achieved with flying colors
It is easy to stop our offense.

1) Stop the running game.
2) Stop the passing game.

Piece of cake.
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
  1. Keep Kaep in the pocket, close down the running lanes and stop him from escaping on 3rd down.
  2. Stop Frank Gore / Hunter / LMJ
  3. Play man-to-man against Boldin and Davis and hope that pressure up front can get to Kaep quickly.

I don't know if they would make those same mistakes. I case you didn't notice that drive was VERY successful until the last four downs. They socre on that drive and that is considered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.
Teams still have to stop Gore. It will help make SFO more one dimensional now. The BEST way to beat the 9ers will be to keep the offense off the field.
If I was a DC facing the 49ers, i'd literally blitz almost every play and i'd make them run to beat me.
The ball carrier
It has to be Kaepernick.

When Smith led the Niners, Gore was the guy without a doubt. The system changed, because with Gore as the focus and the running game in general, the Niners weren't as explosive, but they just killed teams with ball control. They didn't score as much, but they didn't have to. To add, they allowed the defense to rest for long periods of time, which kept teams down.

With CK, teams are forced to respect his ability to take huge chunks of yardage on the ground. Which can only be done by keeping him inside, where he can still pop off an easy 7-8 yards anyways. That is of course if he hasn't thrown it.

It is certainly a more complex situation with CK. The Niners were tough with Smith, but you knew what you were going to get. With CK, a blown assignment could mean giving up the sidelines, once he has that, the speed kicks in and the dude is gone.

This is in addition to his passing game, which is more than effective. The ONLY downside to CKs game is that at times the defense is forced to work a lot more.

Gotta be Kaepernick. As a Seahawks fan, I am very familiar with Gore gashing us at times, but Kaepernick is the biggest threat. Pressure from the outside and pray that guys are in place up the middle, while gambling in man on the receivers.

There is a short list of teams built to do it and even then it is extremely tough.
This was an easy question to answer....last yr. This yr...not so easy. We have the best RB tandem in the league, meaning our OL is better than theirs. Also we do have 3 outstanding backs. But we also have a QB who can throw bullets and we have for receivers:
anquan, esp on 3rd down jump balls at the 1st down marker
vance for sit down 3rd down completions just past first down marker...and Vernon can also do this
LMJ as a dedicated backfield pass receiver, and then let the D attempt to tackle him...this can become a standard 3rd down play or pull it out anytime
Patton...looks like split out or slot he is money
Frank...good for pass after faking run and delaying
kyle...who was going great guns until we lost him and
HUNTER....on same play . Both are excellent receivers.
Celek...a good target because he rarely gets thrown to.

And kap can hit any and all of them. As to the question , who would you try and take out of game....I don't think that will be possible this yr and we haven't even seen 1 ball snapped in TC. But we are VERY capable of all the above. If roman will use all this ammo , nobody is going to stop us. Taking out crabs wouldn't have worked for an opponent this yr due to the numerous targets we have , plus best OL , plus best RB tandems. Jokingly, someone said the opponents best bet was for JH or roman to make a screw up....and frankly, I agree. Just way too much talent to try and take somebody out of the equation. Kap? Well, they better dam well keep their OLBs and corners from coming up, because if they do, kap is adios and gone. As for taking kap out...I'll believe that when I see it. And I don't expect to see it.
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Sniff... I've waited 10 years to talk playoffs in niner nation and now we are going for three straight years. I loved the 80's and 90's... can't wait to see why unfolds. And as for this post... ck has learn more by now in the niners Playbook. I think they will show more this year then last and do there best to keep CK healthy. Remember CK started half way threw the season. This year will be a break out year for Manningham.... trust.
Bruce Miller

P.s.... V. Davis and Manningham will be the spot light. Boldin will be our safty net and Williams will take off where he was last year a spark plug
That's a major reason they hired figure that out and tweak the offensive game plan accordingly.
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Teams still have to stop Gore. It will help make SFO more one dimensional now. The BEST way to beat the 9ers will be to keep the offense off the field.

Pretty much. Some offenses are just so good the only way to beat them is to keep them on the bench. I don't know if scheming to take away one player will help you vs. the Niners. It's more like you just need to decide what you're willing to live with, win TOP, and hope for a break or two on defense.
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Corva, that's what I have been hoping. Now we will see if that is the reason.
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Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Bruce Miller

no need to play defense on us,, roman will eventually f**k things up
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