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49ers vs NFC West

I agree our Oline this year was pathetic. Look at the numbers, which do not lie. Ironically though Seattle's Oline wasn't any greater.
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I think we get rid of iupati and Davis. Kaep has zero time to throw. We rarely have a clean pocket and usually it points to these two.

I tend to agree a bit. The O- Line lost it's physicality this year and Iupati seems vulnerable and Davis seems slow. We need to match the Shehawks physicality.

Iupati was hurt all season. Davis did fine for the most point. But Davis isn't going anywhere because he signed an extension.
I after watch tons of film, I think the way to beat Seattle is to out score them.
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Who on our current OLine doesn't fit into your plan?

This. I can see replacing Goodwin who really was the weak link but the rest are some of the best at their positions in the LEAGUE. Of the other four Davis is the most lacking but when motivated he is pretty good in his own right.
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I after watch tons of film, I think the way to beat Seattle is to out score them.

Thank you John Madden.
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I after watch tons of film, I think the way to beat Seattle is to out score them.

We need to able to run. Hope Lattimore can be a factor. He can be a beast if he fully recovers. Gore is still great, but he isn't fast and big.
We have one of the best O Lines right now. More picks there are wasted. It's not our problem.
there's no reason to think the seahawks wont win next year as theyre retaining their best core players. the 49ers are their main opposition IMO to repeating. To beat them next year the 49ers have to open the playbook and utilize Crabtree, Davis, Gore, LMJ, Patton, and ( hopefully Boldin). these targets should make for an explosive offense but they have to utilize them to their fullest potential; I dont think the 49ers did it this year. Waaay too many 3 and outs in the red zone with these targets. I believe in Kap so i dont think this is the reason but what does the webzone think?? is it Roman? Kap? the scheme run by Harbaugh ??

I personally think its a combination of the scheme and the inexperience of Kap but if Wilson can win the superbowl at this stage than how much can it be Kap's inexperience?? I think with Kap's work ethic he can accomplish anything

BTW I trusted Alex Smith throughout his tenure with the red and gold so Im not the type to blame solely the QB

I just want to know what the faithful thinks it will take on behalf of the 49ers to overcome seattle. To me this reminds me of the 90's battles with the Cowboys. The old timers will remember what im talking about.

49ers till I die!!!!!
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We can get you some peds if you think it will help
Big physical CB's who hold all the way down the field. Big, oversized thumper at Safety who intimidates TE's, a HC who can win the BIG GAME and get over the hump, speed at RB, speed at WR, speed at KR/PR, and a QB who can play QB. More pass rush too. It can't just be Aldon and nobody else.

Drafting alot of good O lineman
Our lines are both among the best in the league...where we need to get bigger and better is at receiver and secondary. We can play with Seattle now...the NFC Championship proved that. It was, for all intents & purposes the real Super Bowl. So, the off-season game's now your thing, Baalke.
Be more aggressive from the coaching stand point that's it
Play at HOME.

We beat them at HOME. Hello?
Don't beat yourself
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