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This is why the organization is leading the way, they make the right move in advance.
Like we all said we had 3 options: extend guys to lower their 2013 cap #, re-structure deals or cut players. I'm glad we extended and re-structured rather than cut. We are better off with Goodwin, Haralson, Manningham, etc. Like you guys said we should be getting Reid signed any day now that we have room plus a little left over for emergency signings during the season. He's not holding out at all.. there is a set number with this new cap and the way he has been acting he will be glad to sign the deal. It's common to get the lower rounds done first. The deals are easier, cheaper and we probably didn't have the room to get Reid signed earlier. Not to mention we have been working on signing guys off the street, extensions and restructurings. Not worried at all.

Like you guys said this move will allow Justin to finish his career here and even though he might still be able to be a role player after 2015 he will likely retire. He will gladly rotate but he doesn't want to be that guy only getting a few snaps a game. As for next year's free agency of course this takes our biggest guy off the market.

Biggest FA's Left: Brown, Boldin, Whitner, Manningham, Williams, Dawson, Asomugha, McCoy, Tolzien
Probably Gone: Jonathan Goodwin, Parys Haralson and Anthony Dixon
Lower Priority (Might Be Gone This Yr): Brock, Cox, Tukuafu, Dobbs, Wilhoite, McBath, Moore, Cam Johnson, Osgood
Originally posted by valrod33:
Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 4m Justin Smith no longer represented by CAA. evidently, he negotiated his two-year extension himself. Talented guy that Justin Smith... #49ers

Agent: 'Justin, you've got to get as much as you can out of them in your final 2 yr contract before you retire. You get your money. I get my cut. It won't come around again. No brainer deal. I can get it done. '

Smith: 'I can make this easier.... Negotiate the deal myself. Take a lower offer within their range cuz I don't have to give you your cut.'

Agent: 'Yeah... but ... wait! ....Did you say--'


I love Cowboy. A true bleed'n Red and Gold Niner

Feels good to be the organization players want to play for... instead of having to pay top dollar just to get some interest *cough*Clements*
Originally posted by Bohannamontana:

he's just a big corn fed type of guy
Super Awesome!!
Guys that play balls out in losing seasons /put up pro bowl numbers are keepers.
This guy deserves money. Great extention as well as Roman.
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Baalke comments about the extension.

"Justin's All-Pro contributions on the field, as well as his leadership on and off the field, are integral to our success as a team," 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said in a statement released by the team. "Justin consistently sets a standard of excellence, serving as an example for everyone within our organization. This contract allows Justin to finish his career as a 49er!"
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Jimmy Tomsula will have a new assistant coach in 2015

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Great news!
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My understanding is that this two-year extension will make Justin Smith in 2016.

Is that correct?
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Originally posted by buck:
My understanding is that this two-year extension will make Justin Smith in 2016.

Is that correct?

I think that's correct, cause he is signed for this year.

great news
this is great news! now he can have more than one ring!
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