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could Vernon help fill the shoes of Crabtree??

I mean the guy has dominated the past two postseasons. He got 13 tds with alex smith..We ALL know what he is capable of and have been patiently waiting to see him featured more in the Harbaugh O. Anyone else want to see Vance be more of the "swiss army knife" so Vernon can be Vernon downfield. I really think he is our 1st or second best reciever.. I guess he has been workingout with the receivers exclusivly at practice..
He can, and must. He knows Kap best, he needs to be his security blanket. Boldin needs to also.
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He will help, but somebody is going to have to step up. There's no way around it. Besides Boldin and Davis , we have no proven receivers dxcept the guys coming off injuries. We need more than two guys to count on as receivers.
i really do think that one of our young WR will emerge as functional. i just dont think we will be able to afford the luxuory of "saving" Vernon for the postseason like we have the past few..
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He'll be busy filling his own shoes... making Crabs' absence less painful
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ummmm we finally have a franchise QB who will make everyone around him better. we'll be fine.
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I like all niner fans want to see Vernon dominate like we know he can and hope crabbies absense forces this issue to fruition
he can help fill crabs' perfectly shaped buuts?
I still say we need to sign a veteran, I dont care how old but as long as they are proven. Moss should be atleast considered again. He atleast created double teams even at his age.

If Davis is open, Im sure Kap will throw his way.
Not sure.

What size cleats does Crabs wear?
He has to. He absolutely must be better than last season and I believe he will. I've been saying this since Crabtree got injured. Its going to be more important for our TE's to pick up more of the slack than it will be for whomever fills Crabtree's spot at WR. I think our two TE set is going to be very hard for defenses to defend because you know our run game will keep them honest.
we may see a lot of two TE sets , especially if McDonald is ready to contribute early
Defenses have been treating VD like he's our number 1 for years now, last season was no different, and this season will be no different. Even if Crabs were healthy defenses would still make stopping VD their number 1 priority.
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