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Colt McCoy

Originally posted by Hiko:
My my, how the tone of this thread changed once people actually watched him play.

There's no doubt the Browns are bad, but that doesn't mean that the QB's that washed out of there weren't also bad on their own merits (or lack thereof).

I remember the Cardinals spouting how Derek Anderson was gonna win them a SB now that he was out of "that hole", yet he somehow still sucked in Arizona. And he actually had a good year in the NFL once.

Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Luke McCown... I don't know why anyone would be excited about picking up a guy the freakin' Browns had decided wasn't good enough to play for them.

Well, 2 years ago I don't think anyone would have believed Alex Smith could get two possibly three 2nd round draft picks for his services.

The environment, team, OC, QB coaches, etc. have to be pretty good before you can legitimately assess players as good/bad because they underperformed there.

More telling is Matt Flynn being a good performer in Green Bay and not seeing much success once he left. His passer rating and production as a backup were pretty up there. Went to Seattle and lost out to Wilson who while obviously better now, I wonder how much better he was THEN....

What are the reports on Flynn in Oakland? I heard they weren't good?

Also, think about QBs that left Philly and how they tended to suck in their new homes (McNabb in DC, Kolb in AZ).

That's another reason why Reid wanting Smith was compelling....normally he's the one making out on the QB deal.
Harbaugh must have seen enough on McCoy to deem him a worthy backup just like he saw enough of Smith to at least make him the interim QB in SF.

I'd wait until McCoy plays a preseason game with the 1s.....
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How many games did Flynn actually start in GB? 2? McCoy started like 20 in Cleveland, and sure, they had less talent than most teams, but if McCoy was as solid as some make him out to be, he wouldn't have looked so god-awful almost all the time.

And the difference between Alex Smith and McCoy is that Smith was physically talented enough for a team to take a #1 overall chance on him, Colt was so physically limited that he dropped to the end of the 3rd despite his pedigree. Give me a guy that at least has the physical potential to be a good NFL player every time.
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