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What is the average age of this team and where does this rank in the NFL?

Originally posted by blm7754:
How about YOU figure it out and share with the rest of us. Otherwise, don't create the thread.

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idk but when Moron Norris retired, our average probably dropped 10 years!
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Sando did an article on offense/defense ages for all teams' projected starters a few weeks ago:

We're at 27.38 defense and 27.95 offense.
Don't see what the fuss is about average age. It's pretty easy to tell when you look at our team what we got. You can say, overall, the majority of our team is in their prime and will be for another couple years. You can say that about nearly the entire roster, save for Frank Gore, Justin Smith, and the secondary.

  • Quarterbacks are really young.
  • Runningbacks are really young, with the exception of Frank Gore.
  • Fullback is really young.
  • Wide Receivers, are pretty varied, with the two oldest being Crabtree (in prime before injury) and Boldin (1-2 years left of high-level play)
  • Tight End in prime, while the others are really young.
  • Offensive line is in its prime, with the exception of Goodwin. Young players can supplant him this season or next.
  • Defensive line is in its prime, with the exception of Justin Smith.
  • Linebackers are in their prime.
  • Cornerbacks are pretty old. 1-2 years for Carlos Rogers, Nnamdi may or may not even be capable of making the team, T. Brown is in his prime, while others are young.
  • Safeties are young, with the exception of Whitner who is exiting his prime, IMO.
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49ers are basically dinosaurs.
Originally posted by xela510:
49ers are basically dinosaurs.

ppl called us a young team.
The average age of a team can be a somewhat dubious statistic. Most teams have a bunch of young 2nd and 3rd string players who bring the averae age down. The average age of the 22 starters & how that ranks compared to other NFL teams would be a lot more telling. Maybe the 22 starters & the 1st guy off the bench at RB, WR, TE & CB. And the Kick / punt returner if he / they aren't one of the aforementioned players.

The kicker & punters's ages usually don't matter a whole lot.
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Originally posted by xela510:
49ers are basically dinosaurs.

The only old starters on the team are Jutsin Smith, Gore, Goodwin, Boldin & Rogers. And Goodwin is probably the weakest starter on the entire offense. It's not even set in stone that he's the starting center this year; it wouldn't shock me at all if Looney or Kilgore took his job.

Also, the Niners have great depth at RB with Hunter & James behind him, so Gore's age shouldn't be a huge issue.

The 49ers' starters are a pretty young team.
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Originally posted by xela510:
49ers are basically dinosaurs.
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Originally posted by Wodwo:
It's the UDFA rookies being cut that will make an impact.

I didn't include them in my calculations but okay I guess you have a point.
The Raiders 2002-2003 team, now they were OLD
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