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That's a very optimistic analysis. What if Kaep doesn't progess into this multioption thrower? What if a large portion to Kaeps success was Crab?

I think we need another reliable receiver. Im not a naysayer. I think we have lots of good guys but we lost Crabtree and Moss. They were the only reliable option Kaep had last year. We have a s**tload of wild cards. Patton, Jenkins, Mcdonald, Lockette. Manningham and Williams are both coming off injuries. We essentially only have one reliable option and that's Boldin.

Listen I watched the Ravens playoff games with the Patriots and Bronc. He's good and strong but I dont know how hes going to react to the laser beams Kaeps throws. Im not saying he can't do it but Crab has the smoothest hands and he could create separation. I dont think Boldin can create separation so these fast balls Kaep are throwing are going to be much harder to adjust to. Boldin also dropped some throw in the games I watched. Flacco is a smoother operator too. I don't want to jinx it though but its going to be hard to watch are main receiver go through an adjustment period and the only reliable option we have are rookies and ACL injuries.

I think are FO has not been one that takes risk. We went out and got Boldin for starters. We got Asomugha to shore up the secondary. It doesnt seem like their MO is to just let it ride. We lost are star reciever. The main target. We have a bunch of variable at receiver and I think we need some more veteran experience. I think we should hit the market or see what we can get in a trade.

Well that escalated quickly.