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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

We've got a very smart FO and very good coaches.

They'll come up with the best solution.

Whether that will be enough remains to be seen.

I think we'll be fine.

The coaches will adjust the playcalling to the skill levels we put on the field. People will have to step up, I'm hoping it's Lockette and Patton.
Crabtree getting hurt is bad news, but this team has plenty of weapons. Vernon, Vance, Boldin, Patton, Gore, Jenkins, Hunter and LaMike will prove sufficient. I expect Lockette to make the team and that's great because he can be a deep threat. Remember that this is a run first team with a great defense. This injury will hurt the team but will NOT ruin the Super Bowl chance for this season. The next question is what this means for Crabtree's contract situation. Maybe he settles for less $. Who knows though.
There goes my future 3rd round fantasy draft pick, back to the drawing board
Originally posted by HarboutTHAT:
There goes my future 3rd round fantasy draft pick, back to the drawing board

You poor guy...
Originally posted by HarboutTHAT:
Originally posted by olapac:
No offense, but with the tragedy going on in Oklahoma, let's chill on the tornado references.

Also, I believe it's impossible to do a deal with Cruz. IIRC, he's a restricted free agent and could only sign an offer sheet with another team a week before the draft. Right now, he either signs with the Giants or plays for no one.

Meaning one of our rookies having a Cruz Esque breakout,

Gotcha. That makes sense.
Originally posted by AmpLee:
They didn't dump him. He was injured most of that preseason and they intended to put him back on the practice squad. The fact that teams were attempting to poach him from our practice squad to put him on their 53 is telling that we're not the only team excited about his potential. I'm not saying he's going to be good, but I'm not saying he's a failure either. We simply do not know at this point, but his potential is exciting.

Good point. I forgot about that. Last season, he turned down offers to stay on the Niners practice squad. Dude is motivated and wants to play with Kaepernick.
Good news if we can get him back in December. Certainly beats losing him the entire season.
Originally posted by Hopper:
Good news if we can get him back in December. Certainly beats losing him the entire season.

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Can we please catch a break at the WR spot? How does that #2 spot look now? It's wide open.
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So hopefully he'll be back at the end of the season and fresh come news of the day....
Originally posted by Protoman:
Originally posted by Hopper:
Good news if we can get him back in December. Certainly beats losing him the entire season.

He wont be 100%. Dont want another Jerry Rice moment.
Good Lord, what a frigging, out of nowhere, steel fist to glass jaw. Oh, man, this hurts. Now the rest of the story.

First, is it a thru and thru tear, or is it partial? If partial, how much? Probably already diagnosed by MRI, but let's wait and see what the pros say.

Second, AJ is in his 2nd yr. Like Kap, he was brot here to learn, get better and become a starter. Anquan looks like the $20 million pickup right now.
Patton, hmmm....if results equal half of potential, we could be alright.
Kyle, well let's hope is recovery is quick and 100% .
Lockette....don't know enough info
Mario.....boy, like mentioned earlier, we are hard on WRs. Also known as WR injury jinx, with one WR going into NFCC vs NYG two seasons ago.
Can't say much about rest of guys , just no info.

Ok, now how does that Vance pick look? And while on TEs, how about hitching Vernon to the wagon and letting him pull us home? Plus we got Celek and who knows where Coach Harbaugh is going to play these guys.. My money is on at least one, if not two TEs, playing in slot sometimes during game.

Finally, how about Roman staying on? Thank goodness, because with out him, this would be too much for JH to handle. A totally new O is going to emerge on passing downs, and I can imagine about 39 different looks until we find the 3, 4 or 5 guys who are going to make up for Crbs. Don't forget Kap, also, who knew his man last yr, and will have to get in sync with more than 6 or 7 guys this yr. It will be tough for our passing game to recover...but my money is on them doing so.

LVegas 6:1 for 9ers to win SB just went down several pegs.

Let's hope for a better tomorrow.
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This is bad news but happening so early it gives more reps, and incentive, to the young players. It also gives the coaches more time to analyze the roster and see what they can do. I am not holding out a lot of hope for Lockette but Jenkins should be a significant contributor this season, having gained some weight and suffered the humility of sitting out the whole year. He should know the playbook well and had the benefit of extra time with Kaepernick. I like Patton to show what he has. I just like his game a lot. If those three can provide a solid side opposite Boldin until Williams gets healthy, things might just roll along fine. I am not very hopeful about Manningham. I think it is more likely they reach an injury settlement and release him than for him to come back this season and contribute much.

Time to chill and see what happens over the next few weeks. There will be some decent talent released after June 1 and there might be some help there if the rooks don't look all that good. Not too worried at this point.
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You know what might be interesting right now is the Seahawks forums.


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