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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

I think I'm going to faint you guys
we got to the NFCCG with vernon davis as our main threat

we should be fine doing that again with kaeps legs and boldin
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Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
If 6 months is the timetable, then that is good news because it is not a full tear and he could eventually be back to 100%

Harbaugh wont risk it unless the WR situation is that bad at that point.
This is probably the second worst possible injury we could have had. It completely changes the offensive approach. I guess its better it happen now so they can change the Offensive strategy around now. But in the end we will be way less explosive.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Jenkins and Patton have gotta step up.

We'll be fine with Boldin (thank you based GOD we traded for him), Mario & Kyle.

I really wanted to see what a Boldin and Crabtree duo would look like and with Boldin on a one year deal, we may never know. Now we must trust in our coaching team, still a little bummed today though.
Originally posted by GNielsen:
Niner fans! Things change! That's life. Some of you are pretending that just because the Niners have receivers who HAVEN'T done anything yet means that they're NOT going to do anything this year. Every season receivers you've never seen do anything step up and put up big numbers. All anyone who has hope is saying is that the Niners have a few possible candidates for players who can do that and surprise everyone. Jenkins, Lockette, Patton - if just one of these players proves to be a good receiver and one of them is a decent receiver, the Niners offense will move the chains and score points. McDonald - if he proves that he can go up high and snag passes, the Niners have a Jimmy Grahm - like end zone threat. LaMichael James - he could be the next Darrin Sproles.

This is what I'm saying. A real championship team knows how to make the best out of a bad situation. Let Crabs heal up, and give opportunities for the others to step up. I really still think they can take a positive out of it as it keeps our WR corps from looking one-dimensional, plus I'd rather see this happen during OTAs than say, the middle of the season. Either way, it's bad news, but this is where depth becomes handy.

Never give up and keep fighting on in the midst of seemingly hopeless odds. You just never know.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Dude, they were bringing in T.O., Braylon Edwards, pulling guys off the street left and right when they dumped Lockette. You don't dump a 6'2", 210 WR with 4.39 speed unless you really do think he sucks.

The way I interpreted that was Carroll thinking that it would be good to have a veteran in the mix - maybe they just didn't have the patience to work with Lockette. Look, I don't know. All I see is somebody who has been working like a maniac with Kaepernick all off season, someone who has Kaepernick in awe because of his speed and someone who looks motivated and coachable. So, I'm just hopeful, that's all.
Sucks, but injuries happen. Kaep is gonna have to get comfortable throwing to other guys more, and younger WRs will need to step up. I expect early on Boldin will pick up most of the slack, with Williams, Jenkins and Patton stepping up a bit later, along with Manningham when he returns from his injury.
Mort reports that Crab already had surgery. Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but that could be a good sign, no???
Originally posted by olapac:
No offense, but with the tragedy going on in Oklahoma, let's chill on the tornado references.

Also, I believe it's impossible to do a deal with Cruz. IIRC, he's a restricted free agent and could only sign an offer sheet with another team a week before the draft. Right now, he either signs with the Giants or plays for no one.

Meaning one of our rookies having a Cruz Esque breakout,

We should find out pretty soon.
Originally posted by olapac:
Originally posted by NinerFanInNewEngland:
6 months is good news. I just hope he does in fact come back in late November. Being in a contract year he may not want to risk reinjury or risk not playing great. I am hoping that he feels the need to boost his FA stock by playing well.

I think next year is his contract year, not this one.

It is, but this injury means that he'll need to have a really great 2014 season to get a substantially large contract. Teams will look at him as a constant threat to miss time and/or be less effective because of numerous injuries.
%$#@!!! Need guys to step up big, Vance as the second TE is now crucial, as is AJ. Need Mario to come back from his injury fully healthy, he put up some decent numbers and was a #2 for a period in NY. Coming off an injury, I'm not holding out hope....
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by GNielsen:
The only thing I can say to this is that Lockette has never had the opportunity to work closely with a QB like he has this past off-season. He'll get some focused coaching because the Niners need him to step up. So, all you can say is we'll see. Nobody is guaranteeing anything, but he has a better opportunity and more experience behind him this year, so maybe he'll become the player he wants to be. And, I'm not sure where you got the impression that the Seahawks "desperately needed wide receivers." Didn't they already have Tate, Rice and Baldwin?

Dude, they were bringing in T.O., Braylon Edwards, pulling guys off the street left and right when they dumped Lockette. You don't dump a 6'2", 210 WR with 4.39 speed unless you really do think he sucks.

They didn't dump him. He was injured most of that preseason and they intended to put him back on the practice squad. The fact that teams were attempting to poach him from our practice squad to put him on their 53 is telling that we're not the only team excited about his potential. I'm not saying he's going to be good, but I'm not saying he's a failure either. We simply do not know at this point, but his potential is exciting.
Boldin, Vernon, and Vance will be plenty of ammo for Kaep. Between Jenkins and Patton, someone needs to fill in for a few weeks. Both are capable enough to step on the field. Once K-Will and Manningham return, we'll be fine. IMO, Manningham is the key.

Between Jenkins and Patton, I'd expect Jenkins to hold him off for a while. I think Patton is going to be the better player though. He gains separations and has better hands. He was just so confident and reliable in college. I think it'll carry over to the pros. Jenkins developed into a pretty good senior, but it was definitely a process. I expect Patton to catch on quickly.
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