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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

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Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Patton > Crabtree....

Was Crab tree pro bowl material before Kaep or Kyle Williams catching bombs or Delanie catching deep ins? No but Kaep makes guys better he rifles it in there and all they have to do is catch. Kaep is the solution
Get him Jerry's doctors from '97....better yet transplant JR's stem cells into crab's achilles
Originally posted by niners94:
Damn, fml. AJ needs to step up big time now.

AJ Jenkins didn't catch a a pass last year....I am not too optimistic about him "stepping up"
anyone else not that worried?? I mean, Crabs had a breakout season last year and was on the path to do big things this year with Kaep. But i am excited to see what Patton and Jenkins do. This is their time to step up and the really good ones usually do. Its not like Crabs was our only receiving threat. We still have vernon, who is the best option, Mcdonald can be huge in 2 TE sets. Not to mention Manningham was playing well before he went down. And as far as having that 3rd down reciever, AB is that guy. This is a minor setback that i believe wont be a problem once the games start.

Besides, we all know Crabs is gone when his contract is up and his feet are made of glass anyways so this is just a head start to life without Crabs.
He'll be back in time for the playoffs
Oh well, next man up.
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
lol....dont worry's going to be a sprain...Crabs dont like the Preseason

wouldn't put it past harbaalke...ultimate cloak & dagger false flag/disinformation
Have Kaep catch his own passes. Yes, he's that good.
This is depressing.

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by verb1der:
I think we may have seen the last of Michael Crabtree as a 49er.

nice overreaction

I think people may be underreacting check this out..

Targets in Colin Kaepernick's 10 starts in 2012: 1. Michael Crabtree 94; T2. Vernon Davis 39, T2. Randy Moss 39

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Sad. His last catch should of been the superbowl winner.

We asked for ota news and by god we got it. This kinda changes things. At least we have a #1 and depth. Losing crabs sucks donkey nuts but if could be a lot worse.
F**k otas. Well, now we'll be able to resign him without breaking the bank.
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Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
I have gone on at length around here about how our WR core is still subpar, isn't deep enough, and doesn't have anyone we can count on besides Crabtree. Now I will say it even more clearly, our WR core is serious trouble. It was bad the last two years and it just got worse.

Hopefully this will motivate them to bring in more FAs for competition. I don't want guys like KWill or AJ starting just because they're the only guys we have. They need to earn those jobs by beating out experienced WRs, not by beating out joe Hastings.

We need to be watching waiver wire when teams cut down. And I would probably at least take a look at Dante stallworth now.

TFC, you know I have been in your corner from day one and got hammered for it during the draft. But, you are absolutely right !!!

Our receiving corps is just far too weak and thin. This Crabtree disaster brings to light what exactly we have been talking about. Our 2013 campaign has been seriously compromised now.

If Baalke and Harbaugh are smart enough, they need to act now and they need to relook into the available unsigned free agents. We have to bring more guys in to try out and ultimately sign. This is no laughing matter now. No Crab and Mario will be out for most of the season and Kyle still recovering. The only proven entity we have at this point is Anquan, beyond that your guess is as good as mine.
Jesus Christ please no...please let this be a sprain
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