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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

I think we may have seen the last of Michael Crabtree as a 49er.
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
Manningham, Jenkins, and Boldin should both be able to improve production enough to take over Crabtree's. But that clutch factor man. s**t!

Manningham is coming off a horrible injury, and even when he was healthy in NY he wasn't a #1

Jenkins couldn't even get on the field last year until both Mario and KW went down.
Originally posted by sacniner:
Originally posted by Garcia:
we have a lot of depth at WR.

We do? IMO, at this point, a lot more question marks. Jenkins, Patton are too young to know what we have. Kyle W. and Manningham are coming off serious injuries. Boldin is on the downside of his career, Locketter is getting a lot of WZ hype, but who knows.

I'm not as optimistic as you. Am I missing something?

We now have a QB who makes WRs better.
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Sign him now while he's cheap.

I want to cry but tears won't come out.
This sucks to hear. Just when his talent was scratching the surface.

So glad we didn't cut Manningham. Even if he's not ready for TC or preseason. We're definitely going to need him at some point this season.
Originally posted by verb1der:
I think we may have seen the last of Michael Crabtree as a 49er.

nice overreaction
Originally posted by verb1der:
I think we may have seen the last of Michael Crabtree as a 49er.

Sad. His last catch should of been the superbowl winner.
Patton > Crabtree... I dont think this loss will hurt us. I also think AJ will give us a lot more this season. From what I have seen from all these wrs on paper I think they can produce if Kaep is the qb everyone thinks he is. We were a dominate team for near a season and a half with Alex and his main targets being Crab and VD. Kaep should have a great season with Boldin, Patton, Jenkins, Williams, Vernon, Vance, and Ham when he gets back. Not to mention the best OL and a stable of running backs.
Originally posted by capone0:
I think CK can make our WR core look good. While when we had AS, this wasn't true. CK made our receivers, especially Crab look damn good. I expect him to make other WRs look good when he works with them during the offseason.

Capone -
I believe you are spot on! I HATE losing Crabs, but I don't think it hamstrings us the way it would have last year. Alex took years to start "trusting" his receivers.
Kap, on the other hand, stepped in and began hitting his targets from day one.

We're going to see Jenkins turn in a respectable season and Patton will get his feet nice and wet. Boldin will fill the role that Crabtree had. Williams and Manny will still have to work hard just to get on the field.

This ain't fun, but the world is still spinning.
Now we know why Crabs used to always miss OTAs and TC...

Terrible news for multiple reasons. I wish him a speedy recovery.
Originally posted by onanygivensunday49:
Who else is out there besides Lloyd?

Brandon Lloyd
Laurent Robinson
Randy Moss
Braylon Edwards
Austin Collie
Ramses Barden
Jabar Gaffney
Brandon Stokley
Steve Breaston
Titus Young
Donte' Stallworth
Devery Henderson
Derek Hagan
Early Doucet
Terrell Owens
Chaz Schilens
Sammie Stroughter
Devin Aromashodu
Chad Johnson
Deion Branch
Adrian Arrington
Jason Hill
Seyi Ajirotutu
Greg Camarillo
Kassim Osgood
Roscoe Parrish
Man this tough news indeed. My guess is that we'll see a lot of two TE formations. We'll see WR by committee. AJ, Patton and Kyle Williams will have to battle it out!!!!
Sign Terrel Owens and bail Chad Johnson out of jail and throw him a contract as well.
The reason I am not devastated is because of what we have at QB. Was crabtree pro bowl material before Kaep or Kyle Williams catching bombs or Delanie catching 20 yd deep balls? Kaep elevated the play of all the WRs and delanie. He rifles it in there and all they have to do is catch. We will miss crabtree YAC but we have guys that should get open to make plays. I think AJ Kyle Boldin VD Manny Lockette Vance and QP will get the opportunity and capitalize. So long as our ground game stays in tact we should still be formidable. Crabtree is a playmaker bit so is Kaep and we still have him he will keep our WRs making plays we just might not get as much YAC
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