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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

Not glad it went down but now we get to see three things; A. Can Kaep make any wr look good? Or was Crabs just beasting? B. Jenkins has to play, no excuses, sink or swim. C. Patton should see faster development. Seeing as how it was going to be hard to keep Crab if he had another solid season this can bring a lot to light for us. Are Patton/Jenkins the future? Do we have leverage in negotiations with Crab now? Do we run more two te sets with VD/Vance? Only time can tell.
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we have a lot of depth at WR.
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I hope Lockette becomes the GOAT that many expect him to be.
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Originally posted by mustangmele:
Are we going to miss the playoffs and fall in last place too Mr. Nobrightside?

I do not think we are not going to miss the play-offs or end up in last place.

But, I just do not see a bright side to this injury.
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Originally posted by SportsFan:
Why do we always lose WR...they can't stay healthy.

Cos none of the will train & run The Hill with Jerry....
Originally posted by Jakemall:
Jenkins, Lockette and the rookie all have a chance now.


My money is on Lockette to break out, but we shall see.

Still, sucks fat balls.

If it happened yesterday, then this team knows how to hide it well. That's big news to hide for a day.
Originally posted by ninertico:
It's like any other season, fellas, where the injury bug bites hard before TC even begins. Last year we lost some guys during TC, too. No one player will replace him, but we have some who can step up and contribute. My money right now is on Lockette to step up, he has, to. Given what they have said, he's the one who could stretch the field and pop the top of the secondary allowing Bouldin to become the possession receiver. If Jenkins can step up too, especially with route running, he can be a viable option in the slot.

Still, this injury will be felt. Kap and Crabs had a serious connection going. Thank goodness the two "vets"m who have to step up in Lockette and Jenkins, worked out with Kap this offseason in Atl. Whew! At least, those two should be ahead of the curve in OTAs. We should start hearing about these two and their performance in the OTAs.

Hope to God they do step up.

This blows fat chunky cheese!!!

My money is on Jenkins stepping up. He is just as fast as Lockette and had the college production to be a 1st round pick.
Titus Young is still looking for a work-release job............ (jk, dont kill me for that)
Who else is out there besides Lloyd?



Wow this is a major setback...we finally get a true 1 wr and he goes down after his breakout season...Look for 10 in the box all day. Manningham and Williams probably need half the season before they back at full strength for real. I haven't been able to get my work after hearing this s**t.
Kaep #1 target down for the season. I really was looking forward to these 2 having an entire season together. Aside from our young WRs and Boldin, I am really expecting Vernon to have a MONSTER season. We need to unleash that guy.
Originally posted by dhp318:
Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
I have gone on at length around here about how our WR core is still subpar, isn't deep enough, and doesn't have anyone we can count on besides Crabtree. Now I will say it even more clearly, our WR core is serious trouble. It was bad the last two years and it just got worse.

Hopefully this will motivate them to bring in more FAs for competition. I don't want guys like KWill or AJ starting just because they're the only guys we have. They need to earn those jobs by beating out experienced WRs, not by beating out joe Hastings.

We need to be watching waiver wire when teams cut down. And I would probably at least take a look at Dante stallworth now.

Every position group will suffer from "depth" when you lose your best player. Take out Willis, or Aldon, or Gore, or Justin Smith, and that position group will look mighty thin. I would say safety, DL, and RB were just as lacking in depth as WR during the draft.
All I'm saying is both of the last two seasons ended with superbowl trophies because when it came down to it our WR groups were so depleted we were playing practice squad guys and the other teams knew Crabtree was the only WR we would throw to. HOW IS THAT NOT A BIG DEAL????

When we miss out on two superbowl wins because of poor ILB depth then go ahead and start a thread about how we need to draft more ILBs. But until then, WR IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE!! And it's not close. And now it's so not close it's f-ing ridiculous....
Maybe we bring Randy back for one more season to work with the young guys and become a 3rd down option? His hands are dependable and he still runs solid routes.
its over.. things were going too well to be true
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