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The Niners Mt. Rushmore

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Montana - Lott - Walsh - Eddie

No Rice... c'mon man. He may be the best NFL player ever.

I hear ya, and it pained me. I just felt offense...and...defense needed representation, along with coaching and ownership.

Oh heck! Let's put five heads on this thing! Montana - Lott - Rice - Walsh - Eddie

I would almost put Rice on there ahead of both Montana and Young. The reason is because he was great for both of them. The age old question is "who made who?" I think the common denominator is Jerry.

I don't think a case for Jerry "making" Joe can be made. #16 had TWO rings before Jerry joined the team...
Ronnie Lott
Carve a fifth head and make it Rice!

Montana...Lott...Walsh...Eddie...Rice We never did make our enemies happy!
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