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Preferred" nickname" for our new stadium

Preferred" nickname" for our new stadium

Why is the gold hole not winning by landslide? Lol

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Bill Walsh Stadium
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It will be called levi's stadium... just like we go to AT&T Park

I hope to god none of the other retarded ass names get used
"The Championship Factory"
The Big Zip. Refers to Levi's AND our defense.
If Levi's understands what they just got it will be Bill Walsh Stadium.
Shoot how about 49ers Stadium!
Now Straight 408 Stadium


Boot Cut 415's Stadium
501 Stadium, Bill Walsh Field.
Migratory game bird hunting stadium! Bring on the Cards and Sea Hawks.

The gold hole??? lmao glory hole
Originally posted by okdkid:
The Stitch.

Levi's reminds me of Sutter's Mill, so how about "The Mill"?
i suggested "the mine" to some of the beat writers on twitter and cam inman liked it.

just "the mine"
How about we wait to see the finished product. Go to a game and give it a nickname it earns.

For all we know it could have a bird problem and we have to call it the bird toilet.
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