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Preferred" nickname" for our new stadium

Preferred" nickname" for our new stadium

The Japanese will pay top dollar for our stadium Field.
The Toilet Bowl "A Royal Flush Beats A Full House"
Originally posted by ArmchairQB:
The Gold Hole? Bro....
the button fly
Because-"Skinny Jeans"-were-all-sold-out Stadium
The hey boy! lookin mighty cute in them jeans-Stadium (MUST BE SAID IN MR. T VOICE)
Love "The Big Zipper" but mostly I just want a denim blue field!
Berman will come up with something good!
Too bad it isn't "Bill Walsh Stadium"

Walsh Field/Stadium
Russell Wilson Is Our Spokesperson/b***h Stadium
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The nickname has to be tied with the 49ers, not the Levi brandname (jeans) that will change after the naming deal is over.

The Gold Mine is cool I went with that. I haven't read much of this thread, but how about The Saloon, The Shootout Corral, Miner's Cave, The Nugget.
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The place Alex Smith built
Originally posted by btwagner:
The place Alex Smith built

that structure is directly across from the stadium
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