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Preferred fanbase nickname poll

Preferred fanbase nickname poll

I say the W G I B T U nobody
Originally posted by 9erReign:
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Empire has been used way before Faithful

But then a bunch of wanna be thugs took it over and turned it into our version of the black hole.

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Originally posted by luv49rs:
Originally posted by pdizo916:


got my vote
I had the 49 vote yay....
Ho about dressing coaches along the sidelines in Star Wars costumes or Star Trek uniforms to coincide with the opening of the movie. Have Apple insignias on the jackets and shirts, The Microsoft emblem on the uniform. The possibilities of making money are endless. This is supposed to be a joke but I'm sure in the NFL offices at Park Ave NYC there are Junior Execs working on this day and night. By the way 49er Faithfull.
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Originally posted by Janitor:

LGBT Nation
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
JT the Brick (or one of his callers) dubbed us the Niner Empire in the late 90's

It was Raider Rob...called us an Empire because of our dynasty and at the same time calling themselves the Raider Nation because he said they had fans nation wide. This is why to me, whenever I hear (fill-in-your-team) nation, it disgusts me.

We will NEVER be a nation - an Empire is stronger than a nation. Besides, " 49er Faithful...where the *%#? have you been?", says it all.
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Empire has been used way before Faithful
Faithful has been around since the 80's

.....RedFog?!?!?!? Only true Candlestick vets know anything about that.
Gold Nugget Gang of Geary and Market
The Faithful.

really like the way the forty niner empire rolls off JT the bricks tongue. he says it with such gusto.

like it.
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Faithful goes all the way back to the '70s, even earlier, but especially those horrible years after Monte Clark was fired. (2-14) The Faithful kept showing up despite the bad teams. I remember days when you could walk up and buy a 40 yard line seat just before game time! Only the Faithful came every Sunday. The legacy of all those fans should not be cast side.

Also, the alliteration is better with Forty Niner Faithful.
ass grabbers
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Levi's� 501st Legion
yeah no
nation is for the subhuman raider fans

niner faithful or empire

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