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Will 2014 be Crabtree's last season as a Niner?

Will 2014 be Crabtree's last season as a Niner?

Originally posted by Allx9er:
Thought his rookie deal was for 6 years

It is.
Originally posted by jvangeystel:
I can't believe your the first to bring up franchising him. He will be here at least until 2015. The Franchise will be expensive, but it will probably be cheaper than what his new contract will be and it buys us more time to situate either the money to resign him or his replacement. Also gives us two years to eat cap space after signing Iupati, Aldon, and Kaep. We could front load them maybe, i'm not an expert on NFL contracts and cap space. I think we have a lot of cap room in 2015, couldn't we just sign him then.

Gotta wonder if he would throw a fit and hold out if franchised
If Crabs leaves, his replacements have had a year or two to get use to Kap and the offense. we'll be ok.
Anyone that thinks he's as good as gone is crazy. Teams rarely if ever allow their #1 receiver to leave especially in the prime of their careers. The Niners will either resign him or place the franchise tag on him. He will be a Niner for several more years minimum.
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I have no idea about Crabtree's long term future on the team, but I am extremely interested in seeing how well he plays next year.
He'll be gone when his contract is done no doubt.
The atmosphere on the team is a good one but does he fit the team-first mold?

Questions I have:

1) If Boldin leads the team in receiving will it hurt MCs relationship with Kaepernick?
2) The ball should be spread between Boldin, Crabtree, VD, Gore and several others; will that keep MC from stats resulting in a big contract?
3) Will another team offer too much money to be turned down? Can't blame a guy for taking a huge payoff.

I'm more worried about Kaepernick signing down the road...he is just too important to lose at this point.
It will come down to either Crabtree or Iupati. Whichever accepts the more reasonable contract will be kept. We already are grooming replacements for each guy in Looney and Patton, so I think we are prepared to loose one or both of them.
With extensions for Kaep, Aldon, and Iupati all likely happening either this year or next, it doesn't seem likely that we'll have the money to keep Crabtree, even on the franchise tag.
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I don't thinks he'll be here. I think they'll franchise him one year and bye-bye.

Now, that's just conjecture.

For CERTAIN - Baalke will NOT morgage the future of the Niners for one guy.

IMO, we resign Iupati & Kap in that order.

The Crabs story will keep unfolding.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
2014, Crabtree's last under contract, with the team tight to the cap, and choices to be made, will the 49ers be able to resign Crabtree? I have fears that his rookie season may come back to haunt the team. Will the epic hold out of his rookie year foreshadow his coming contract talks? Kaep, will be looking to get paid soon further complicating the teams choices. If we can only resign one, who would you rather see walk, me I think as good as Crab's is starting to play, I'd rather pay Kaep.

What a dumb question

Understand your point totally as it's really a no-brainer if it came down to choosing....but that's a little harsh, aye?

Is it a dumb question? Look at our cap room, and look at what QB's are getting. Look at what #1 receivers are getting. Try doing some math, (no meth) and lay of the personal attacks, this is I'm sure a very real question in side 49er headquarters.
Originally posted by buck:
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
I have fears that his rookie season may come back to haunt the team.

What exactly does this mean? Seriously, this makes no sense to me.

If you are talking about the team not folding when facing his hold-out, you might want to reconsider your thought processes.

He held out until October of his rookie season, I have grave concerns that this attitude will resurface when it comes time for a new contract?

Here let me say it is words perhaps you might understand,






There is that in words you can understand?
We will resign Iupati at some point this season and next offseason, Whitner, Goodwin and Justin Smith come off our books. I also anticipate some cuts and/or pay cuts of some very expensive vets. Then the priorities for extensions will be Kaep because Harbaugh said he was the best player in the 2011 draft, then Aldon because OLB is arguably the 2nd most impactful position in football and he is the premier sack artist in the league, then Crabtree because he is our number 1 receiver.

I do see us having some leverage with Kaep on his contract because if he doesn't extend this summer then he plays 2014 at a shade over $1 million and he is risking both injury and job security for pennies on the dollar. Kaep is 25 and as a QB this won't be his last deal and he won't want to miss study time. I think we get a good deal done with him. Aldon will be expensive but since he is only 23, I would extend him for a very long time so that it appears that he is getting the biggest deal but annually not so much (8yr/$70mil).

Then to Crabtree, you can already see that he knows it is time for an extension. He is talking about being a number 1 and working hard to have a great season. He wants to get paid and it is his agent that is putting this stuff in his ears. I just hope that Harbaugh is in Kaep's ear and is reminding him that his job is to spread the ball around to the guy that is open and not to repeat what happened on the final set of downs during the Super Bowl. Crabtree wants the lucrative extension this summer but if the price isn't right he will be a free agent the summer of 2015. I hope we keep them all but Kaep and Aldon are musts
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The question should be if we don't pay Crab then what ? The problem is we never went all out to draft some big time wideouts. By 2015 who would we have left in the receiving corps ? Are we banking on on AJ and Quinton ? There is no doubt in my mind that in the next draft we will have to go all out on wideouts, at least one 1st round and another high rounder, we will have to do what the Rams managed to do this year. Bottomline is there is next to no use to have a great QB like Kaep when we don't fully capitalize and ultilize his ability by giving him a full range of weapons and more importantly great weapons that he deserves and needs.
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