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Originally posted by calinig4life:
4 TE's, what(!)?

We need to cut Celek an roll with Gray as our #3.
5 more gone. Purcell, Jacobs, Holland, Gray and Hampton off the roster.

We need a few more, and the roster will be set. Who's it going to be? Moody, Stupar, Ventrone, Wiggins?
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
5 more gone. Purcell, Jacobs, Holland, Gray and Hampton off the roster.

We need a few more, and the roster will be set. Who's it going to be? Moody, Stupar, Ventrone, Wiggins?

Wiggins gone too.
Can we get a roster update please!! With positional breakdowns!!
Ventrone makes the team. The beat writers were correct in the 49ers wanting his special teams abilities.
I guess now that the team is down to 53 it's time to guess the PS. Of today's cuts I've bolded the 8 I think will find themselves on the PS. Also want to add that I think we will see Nate Stupar cut after week 1 when Dobbs returns from suspension. If/when Own M is signed I think we say goodbye to either Ray Ventrone or Will Turkaufu.

T Carter Bykowski
WR Austin Collie
CB Marcus Cooper
TE MarQueis Gray
WR Chad Hall
RB Jewel Hampton
WR Lavelle Hawkins
LB Joe Holland
WR Chuck Jacobs
LS Brian Jennings
LB Travis Johnson
CB Darryl Morris
G Patrick Omameh
WR Kassim Osgood
NT Mike Purcell
S Trenton Robinson
FB Jason Schepler
SMichael Thomas
G Wayne Tribue
QB Seneca Wallace
T Kenny Wiggins
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Originally posted by Gore_21:
Looks something like this right now:

QB Kaepernick, McCoy, Daniels
RB Gore, Hunter, LMJ, Dixon
FB: Miller, Marecic
WR Boldin, Patton, Moore, Williams, Baldwin
TE Davis, McDonald, Celek
OL Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Boone, Davis, Snyder, Kilgore, Looney
DL Smith, Williams, McDonald, Dorsey, Tukuafu, Jerod-Eddie (Dobbs back after week 1 suspension, someone will get cut)
ILB Willis, Bowman, Wilhoite, Moody, Stupar
OLB Smith, Brooks, Lemonier, Skuta, Johnson
CB Rogers, Brown, Aso, Cox, Brock
S Reid, Whitner, Dahl, Spillman, Ventrone
ST Lee, Dawson, McDermott

Think that's updated right. That's 54 even with Marecic because Dobbs is on the suspended roster exemption list. Once he is back we will have to cut one player.
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After the Marecic signing, I count 54 players. Someone gets released when his signing becomes official, and another will be released when Dobbs returns.


QB- Kaepernick, McCoy, Daniels
RB- Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon
FB- Miller, Marecic
TE- Davis, McDonald, Celek
WR- Boldin, Moore, Patton, Williams, Baldwin
OT- Staley, Davis, Snyder
OG- Iupati, Boone, Looney
OC- Goodwin, Kilgore


DE- Smith, McConald, Tukuafu, Jerod-Eddie
NT- Williams, Dorsey
OLB- Smith, Brooks, Lemonier, Skuta, Johnson
ILB- Willis, Bowman, Wilhoite, Stupar, Moody
CB- Rogers, Brown, Asomugha, Brock, Cox
FS- Reid, Dahl
SS- Whitner, Spillman, Ventrone


K- Dawson
P- Lee
LS- McDermott
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Those were the exact 53 I would of picked, if I had picked .......
So who gets cut when Crabtree and Manningham come back? Ventrone and Marecic?

Stupar gets cut when Marecic signs.

Ventrone gets cut when Dobbs returns.
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Originally posted by Young2Rice4TD:
So who gets cut when Crabtree and Manningham come back? Ventrone and Marecic?

Possibly. Also could be one or two of the 10 LBs we kept.
edit: ok so if marecic is signed we would have to cut one player. then when dobbs is back after week 1 suspension we would have to cut another. My guess is if Marecic is signed Stupar or Ventrone are gone. We will probably need Tukuafu and TJE for week 1 since Dobbs is gone. After he is back one of those guys should be gone.

And my last roster....
I had Hawkins so 1 off, had Gray so 2, DL no Tukuafu so 3 off, didn't have Stupar so 4, had Cooper so 5, no Ventrone so 6 off.

Had McDermott, TJE, Johnson, Moody and everyone else right. Not sure if I should count off on Marecic but would still be 6 because one of the guys that made it that I didn't pick would be gone most likely.
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Originally posted by NCommand:

Offense: (26)
QB (3): Colin Kaepernick, Colt McCoy and B.J. Daniels
RB (4): Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Jewel Hampton and Anthony Dixon; LaMichael James & Marcus Lattimore (PUP) - Note: Jewel Hampton had another very good game yesterday despite playing behind a very poor OL. IMHO, he is a better runner than James at this point and if he goes to the PS again, I have a feeling he'll be snatched up quickly. Thanks to the MCL sprain to LMJ, he finally makes the 53. Patton/Hawkins can resume punt/kickoff returns.
FB (2): Bruce Miller, Owen Marecic - Note: It's very risky not to have a pure FB here. If Miller goes down, we're in big trouble. Dixon is not a good FB/blocker and often times misses pass blocking assignments. Jason Scheplar had a good camp so I hope he goes to the PS.
WR (6): X = Marlon Moore/Jon Baldwin --- Y = Kyle Williams/Lavelle Hawkins --- Z = Anquan Boldin/Quinton Patton; Mario Manningham & Michael Crabtree (PUP) - Note: It hurts to cut a guy like Hall (ran w/ the 1st string all off season) b/c he flat out deserved this spot but Lavelle is a better returner and is also a more experienced WR as well. So the slight edge goes to Hawkins. Chuck Jacobs has a great shot for the PS.
TE (3): Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek - Note: MarQueis Gray (H-back) will go to the PS for now. Could we go with 4 TE's and only 5 WR's given VD is going to be lined up "everywhere?"
OT (3): Joe Staley, Anthony Davis and Adam Snyder (Alex Boone); Luke Marquardt (PUP) - Note: Let's pray Marquardt is the real deal b/c right now, we have very poor T's behind the starters and one injury could very well mess with the OL's chemistry. Are we going after a veteran OT?
OG (3): Mike Iupati, Alex Boone and Joe Looney (Adam Snyder)
C (2): Jonathan Goodwin and Daniel Kilgore (Joe Looney) - Note: Jonathan Goodwin may end up being a late veteran cut or restructures his contract for a backup role if the coaches want Kilgore to start. Is he ready? And Looney is SO much better at C than G.

Defense: (25)
DE (3): Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Demarcus Dobbs; Quinton Dial & Tank Carradine (PUP) - Note: I anticipate Lawrence Okoye going to the practice squad to develop. Also, both Tony Jerod-Eddie and Will Tukuafu both had a very solid preseason and are solid players; both are active but TJE is a poor pass rusher and WT has poor ball awareness at times and loses containment badly. One may be added Week 1 but gone once Dobbs returns. Dorsey can play DE as well.
NT (2): Ian Williams and Glenn Dorsey - Note: I anticipate Lamar Divens going to the practice squad to develop ala Ian Williams.
OLB (5): Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Corey Lemonier, Dan Skuta and Cameron Johnson
ILB (4): Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Michael Wilhoite and Nick Moody - Note: Nathan Stupar should have a great shot of making the PS.
CB (6): Tarell Brown, Carlos Rogers, Nnamdi Asomugha, Perrish Cox, Tramaine Brock and Marcus Cooper; Chris Culliver & Eric Wright (PUP) - Note: Darryl Morris is playing very well and has been playing fantastic in practice. Both Cooper and Morris could very well end up pushing Brock off the roster but it's a long shot right now esp. after his INT last night. But you can't teach what Cooper/Morris have and both are very good on ST.
S (5): Donte Whitner, Eric Reid, Craig Dahl, C.J. Spillman and Trenton Robinson - Note: Trenton Robinson had a decent camp but is esp. good on the ST coverage unit. I'd seriously consider replacing Robinson with Morris or Tony Jerod-Eddie/Will Tukuafu.

Special Teams: (3)
PK: Phil Dawson
P: Andy Lee
LS: Kevin McDermott - Note: I go back and forth with Brian Jennings/Kevin McDermott daily...even more so after last nights game b/c Harbaugh said McDermott was perfect save for the missed FG. Is he setting him up to be cut? The "safe" pick, clearly is Brian Jennings but the long-term better pick would be McDermott d/t salary, youth and ST coverage ability.

Note - Expect our PS to get raped!

I missed on 7. What a PS we'll have (for 5 minutes) and let's not forget about the NFI/PUP/IR list...holy cow, that's practically a starting 11 in this league!

Yeah, as always, I expected quite a few surprises with the 53 (and they happened) at the tail end. One just can't account for a Marecic-signing and 5 ILB-OLB scenarios and some of the last 5 making the team (esp. someone like Ventrone who adds nothing at a position other than ST and who hasn't played all pre season); hard to justify (for us) some of these moves given the guys we did see and develop.

Onto the games, my friends. Quest for 6!
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My guess is when Dobbs returns, either Tukuafu or Jerrod-Eddie are gone. More likely TJE....
When Manningham returns, we cut Ventrone
When Crabtree returns, we cut Stupar
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